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Session Overview
09-03: Influencing the next tier of companies – promoting responsible land-based investment through investors or investment frameworks
Thursday, 22/Mar/2018:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Harold Liversage, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy
Location: MC 2-800


Levers and Limits to Shaping Investment Practices in Land: A DFI Perspective

Sam Lacey

CDC Group, United Kingdom


Shaping Agropole Investment Frameworks to Incentivise Responsible Investment Practices

Francine Picard

IISD, Switzerland

In recent years agricultural growth poles, sometimes called agropoles, have spread across Sub-Saharan Africa. While they gain increasing attention among policy makers who see them as a way to attract private investment to promote agricultural transformation, they have more and more prominent role in agricultural development strategies and national policies in the country they are established.

DFI are the main direct funding sources for the development of agricultural growth poles. DFI’s must be viewed as engine of influencing crosscutting issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability that participate to responsible investment in agriculture. This presentation will discuss the role of the DFI in influencing responsible investment practices in the process of design and implementation of agricultural growth poles in Africa.


A Legal Empowerment Approach to Influencing Land Investment

Vivek Maru

Namati, India

to be filled


Investors’ ability to influence small and large investee land investment practices: reflections on IFC experience

Mark Constantine

International Finance Corporation, United States of America