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Session Overview
00-12: Plenary: Using the SDGs to institutionalize reporting & analysis of land data
Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018:
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Session Chair: Yongyi Min, United Nations, United States of America
Location: Preston Auditorium

VC with FAO - Rome


Enabling Gender-Disaggregated Reporting on Land Ownership and Use: How FAO Collaborates with Partners to Make It Possible

Pietro Gennari, Chiara Brunelli

FAO, Italy

to be filled


Helping to Establish the Methodology for Country-level Data Collection on Key (Urban) Land Data Globally: The Role of UN Habitat

Aisa Kacyira, Robert Lewis-Lettington, Oumar Sylla


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Moving SDG indicators 1.4.2. & 5.a.1 to tier I: Why and how

Gero Carletto, Klaus Deininger, Thea Hilhorst, Wael Zakout

World Bank, United States of America

Although land rights are of paramount importance for a host of development outcomes and millions of dollars are spent on programs to improve land rights, weak and non-comparable data make it difficult to coherently identify gaps, orient policy dialogue, assess interventions’ effectiveness and sustainability, thus providing the basis for a concerted public and private sector effort to make land rights more secure for all. Inclusion of land related indicators under the SDGs provides a unique opportunity to address this gap. The presentation will highlight custodians’ efforts to move towards tier I in three areas, namely (i) methodology development to provide relevant data; (ii) efforts to expand ramp up household survey and administrative data collection and the opportunities these create; and (iii) initiatives to build analytical capacity and global reporting to ensure data are used and feed into ongoing land policy dialogues.