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Session Overview
04-03: Building on the SDGs to Assist Countries Meeting Land Degradation Neutrality Goals
Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018:
3:45pm - 5:15pm

Session Chair: Barbara Ryan, GEO Secretariat, Switzerland
Location: MC 2-800


The SDG Indicator on Land Degradation Neutrality

Melchiade Bukuru

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, United States of America

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Forests, Trees and Agroforestry: contribution to Land Degradation Neutrality

Robert Nasi

CIFOR, Indonesia

In this presentation we will highlight how Forests, trees and agroforestry, when adequately used, managed and governed, can play a central role in ensuring land degradation neutrality by restoring degraded lands, improving production systems, ensuring food security and nutrition, enhancing people’s livelihoods and addressing climate change. We will also present actions undertaken within the framework of the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) contributing to the Land Degradation Neutrality initiative and its three indicators: Land cover, Land productivity, Carbon stocks.

FTA, led by CIFOR, is the world's largest research for development program to enhance the role of forests, trees and agroforestry in sustainable development, food security and to address climate change.


Landscapes and Land Degradation Neutrality

Janet Ranganathan

World Resources Institute, United States of America

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The Economics of Land Degradation Neutrality in Asia

Pushpam Kumar

UNEP, Kenya

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Gregory Scott

United Nations Statistics Division, United States of America