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Session Overview
Location: MC 7-100
Date: Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018
01-07: Boundary Demarcation and Territorial Governance
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Melchiade Bukuru, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, United States of America

Mapping and Territory: What Critical Cartography Offers to an Analysis of Land Governance?

Fernando Galeana

Cornell University, USA

Conflict in Collective Formalization Processes: Opportunities for Transformation?

Anne Larson1, Esther Mwangi2, Iliana Monterroso1, Nining Liswanti3, Tuti Herawati3

1: CIFOR, Peru; 2: CIFOR, Kenya; 3: CIFOR, Indonesia

Urgency of Village Boundary Setting / Resource Mapping, Villages and Land Governance in Indonesia

Muchammad Sigit Widodo1, Akhmad Safik1, Sofwan Hakim1, Rubeta Andriani2, Martin Hardiono2, Kevin Barthel2

1: Millennium Challenge Account - Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia); 2: Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Addressing Encroachment on State Forest Land in Tunisia

Amanda Bradley, Jamel Kailene

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Italy

02-07: Interventions for strengthening tenure security
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Abdu Muwonge, World Bank, Kenya

Linking The Continuum Of Land Rights To Production Orientation And Management Styles: Lessons From Research In Namibia

Elke Astrid Matthaei1,2

1: GIZ, Germany; 2: University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Strengthening Women’s Land Rights: Lessons From Agricultural Development Programmes In Sub-Saharan Africa

Elisa Mandelli, Steven Jonckheere, Anja Rabezanahary, Harold Liversage

IFAD, Italy

Capacity Development Lessons from Tenure Security Learning Initiative in Eastern and Southern Africa (TSLI-ESA)

Uchendu Eugene Chigbu1, Agatha Wanyonyi2, Brendah Achungo2, Solomon Mkumbwa2, Oumar Sylla2, Harold Liversage3

1: Technical University of Munich, Germany; 2: GLTN/UN-HABITAT, Kenya; 3: IFAD, Italy

Mainstreaming support for good land governance into agricultural and rural development programmes: Lessons from IFAD-supported projects

Steven Raoul Filip Jonckheere, Harold Liversage

IFAD, Italy

Analysis And Reflection On Methodologies And Practices For The Formalization Of Land Rights

Florian Lebourdais, Jean-François Dalbin

Ordre des Géomètres-experts, France

03-07: Community-Led Land Governance
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Esther Mwangi, Center for International Forestry Research, Kenya

Examining the Real Costs of Community-led Rights Documentation from USAID’s Experience in Burma and Zambia

Emiko Guthe, Matt Sommerville

USAID Tenure and Global Climate Change Project, Tetra Tech

Mapping Community Land in Mozambique: Opportunities and Challenges for Combining Technology with Good Land Governance

José Monteiro1, Antonio Inguane1, Emidio Oliveira1, Madaleine Weber2, David Palomino Valentín2

1: Community Land initiative (iTC); 2: Cadasta Foundation

What do communities want from land reform? A socio-technical exploration of community-led land rights documentation projects

Kate Fairlie1, Frank Pichel2, Serene Ho3

1: Land Equity International, Australia; 2: Cadasta Foundation; 3: KU Leuven

"Rethinking Customary Land Governance, Fiduciary Duties and Development Opportunities form a Real Estate Management Perspective"

Rexford Ahene

LAFAYETTE COLLEGE/ FAO-NRC, United States of America

04-07: Operational & Legal Aspects of Community-based Data Capture
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Emidio Noormahomed, Fundação Iniciativa para Terras Comunitárias (iTC-F), Mozambique

Mobile Applications for Secure Tenure (MAST) and the Technical Register for Social Tenure (TRUST) – development and applications in Iringa and Mbeya Districts in Tanzania

Tressan Sullivan1, Malaki Msigwa2, Mustapha Issa3, Clive English4, Alexander Solovov5

1: DAI US; 2: DAI US; 3: DAI US; 4: DAI Europe; 5: DAI US

Strengthening GIS standards to improve monitoring of land indicators for SDGs: Using India as a use case

Pranab Ranjan Choudhury1, Marcello De Maria2,3, Laura Meggiolaro2

1: Natural Resources Management Consultants (NRMC), India; 2: Land Portal Foundation, Netherlands; 3: University of Reading, United Kingdom

An Overview Of Innovative Tools For Land Tenure Documentation

Monica Lengoiboni, Christine Richter, Jaap Zevenbergen

ITC, University of Twente, Netherlands, The

Apps and Drones for Better Land Governance

Angela Arnante1, Rene Sanapo2, Jaime Faustino3

1: Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines; 2: Foundation for Economic Freedom, Philippines; 3: The Asia Foundation, Philippines

Date: Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018
05-07: Documenting and Administrating Customary Rights
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: John Bugri, KNUST, Ghana

The Ugandan Experience of Land Market Policy

Judy Adoko, Liz Neate

Land and Equity Movement in Uganda - LEMU, Uganda

Costs in Community Land Delimitation: Sustainability, Innovation and Shared Responsibilities for an Inclusive and Effective Land Administration System in Mozambique

José Monteiro, Emidio Oliveira, António Inguane

Community Land initiative (iTC), Mozambique

Identifying Key Factors for Successful Community Rights Documentation from USAID’s Multi-Country Experiences in Zambia, Vietnam, Paraguay, Ghana, and Burma

Matt Sommerville1, Emiko Guthe1, Nayna Jhaveri1, Tao van Dang2, Michael Roth1, Yaw Adarkwah Antwi2, Ryan Sarsfield3

1: USAID Tenure and Global Climate Change Project, Tetra Tech; 2: Winrock International; 3: World Resources Institute

“Responsible Land Management Concept” A New Dimension for an Improved Customary Land Management: A Case Study of the Dormaah Ahenkro Customary Land Secretariat (CLS)-Ghana.

Prince Donkor Ameyaw1, Walter Dachaga1, Uchendu Eugene Chigbu1, Walter de Vries1, Lewis Abedi Asante2

1: Chair of Land Management, Technical University of Munich, Germany; 2: Kumasi Technical University, Ghana

06-07: Accommodating Legal Pluralism at National Level
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Raelene Webb, National Native Title Tribunal, Australia

Decolonizing Land law in Western African Countries and Recognizing Legitimate Land Tenure Rights

Caroline Plançon1,2

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: French Technical Committee on Land Tenure and Development

Legal Pluralism: A Terrain of Contestation for Rights-Based Land Governance in Myanmar

Diana Suhardiman1, Miles Kenney-Lazar2, Ruth Meinzen-Dick3

1: International Water Management Institute, Lao People's Democratic Republic; 2: Kyoto University, Japan; 3: International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC

The Necessity to Consider the Complexities Inherent within Pluralistic Legal Systems When Introducing Domestic Property Law Reform – The Case of Sri Lanka

Anne C Pickering

University of Queensland, Australia

Endogenous land privatization in rural Uganda: What are the implications for customary land governance and customary land dispute resolution policies?

Matt Kandel

SOAS, University of London, United States of America

07-07: Community Rights for Environmental Benefit
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Alda Salomao, CENTRO TERRA VIVA, Mozambique

Successful Community Stewardship of Tropical Forests: Evidence from Community Forest Concessions in Petén, Guatemala

Dietmar Stoian1, Aldo Rodas2

1: Bioversity International, France; 2: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Guatemala

Common Benefits: How Community Tenure Is Facilitating investment in the Commons for Inclusive Growth

Steven Lawry1, Sophia Gnych1, Iliana Monterroso1, Anukram Adhikary2

1: Center for International Forestry Research; 2: ForestAction, Nepal

Land Rights, Inclusive Development and Benefit Sharing To Achieve CO2 Emissions Reductions

Christopher Tanner1, Alda Salamao2

1: MOKORO, United Kingdom; 2: Centro Terra Viva, Maputo, Mozambique

Foreign Investments to Support Forestry In Mexico as a Means of Increasing Resiliency

Lauren Cooper, Emily Huff

Michigan State University, United States of America

08-07: Native Title and Land Registration
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Camilla Toulmin, Lancaster University/IIED, United Kingdom

“Amazonas Dialog Forum”: Land Governance and Traditional Populations Rights in Brazilian Amazon

Andre Tomasi, Josinaldo Aleixo, Ailton Dias

Instituto Internacional de Educação do Brasil, Brazil

Property Rights in Indigenous Communities in Canada: Factors Affecting Leasehold and Certificate of Possession Values

Steven Rogers, Ceilidh Ballantyne, Erin Tompkins, Brian Ballantyne

Natural Resources Canada

Treaties and Land Governance - Whose Land is it Anyway?

Raelene Webb

National Native Title Tribunal, Australia

Democracy & Communities: Catching Up with Changing Community Land Governance Around the World

Liz Alden Wily

independent, Kenya

Date: Thursday, 22/Mar/2018
09-07: How can Pastoral Systems Keep up with Changing Conditions?
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Fiona Flintan, International Livestock Research Institute, Ethiopia

Land and resource governance in pastoralist systems: It’s not all about boundaries and property rights

Lance W. Robinson1, Enoch Ontiri1, Stephen S. Moiko2, Tsegaye Alemu3, Nizam Husen Abdu1

1: International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya; 2: ADIS-University of Nairobi; 3: College of Development Studies, Department of Environment and Development, Addis Ababa University

The Strategic Use of Private Property: Investigating the Tenure-Use Gap in Kenya's Rangelands

Christopher Wade1, Jon D. Unruh2

1: International Organization for Migration (IOM-The UN Migration Agency); 2: McGill University, Department of Geography

Formalizing Pastoral Land Rights in Ethiopia: A Breakthrough in Oromia National Regional State

Solomon Bekure Woldegiorgis1, Tigistu Gebremeskel2, Abebe Mulatu1, Alehegne Dagnew1, Zemen Haddis3, Dejene Negassa Debsu1

1: TetraTech ARD, Ethiopia; 2: Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia; 3: USAID Ethiopia/Mission

10-07: Increasing Tenure Security in Pastoral Systems
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Peter Veit, World Resources Institute, United States of America

The Role of Pastoralists' Tenure Security In Sustainable Land Management; Evidence From West Pokot, Kenya

Deborah Muricho1, David Otieno1, Willis Kosura1, Magnus Jistrom2

1: University of Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya; 2: Lund University, Sweden

Do Mongolian’s need a contract on rangeland?

Uyanga Batbold, Eneral Batsaikhan, Bastsagaan Myagmarjav

Green ecology, Mongolia

Regional Innovations For Diverse Tenure Systems Of Pasture Land In Central Asia

Ykhanbai Khijaba1, Abdumalik Egemberdiev2, Kuralay Karibaeva3, Shoh Sharif4, Sairagul Tazhibaeva5

1: Environment and development Association JASIL, Mongolia; 2: National Pasture Users Association "Kyrgyz Jayiti", Kyrgyzstan; 3: Institute Ecology for Sustainable Development, Kazakhstan; 4: National Association of Dekhan Farmers, Tajikistan; 5: Kyrgyzs Association of Forest and Land Users, Kyrgyzstan

Assessment Of Different Land Tenure Systems And Their Respective Effects on Rangeland Governance in South Tunisia: an application of the Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) approach.

Aymen Frija1, Mongi Sghaier2, Boubaker Dhehibi1, Mohamed Jaouad2, Monther Fetoui2, Mohamed Naffeti2

1: ICARDA, Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of; 2: IRA, Institut des Régions Arides de Médenine, Tunisia

11-07: Valuing Unregistered Land
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Lawrence Walters, Brigham Young University, United States of America

Earth Observation For Land Titling And Land Value Estimations

Juan Manuel Murguia Baysse1, Brisa Rejas Galindo1, Stephania Zabala2, Niels Wielaard2, Anna Burzykowska3, Eva Haas4, Remco Dost5, Lucas De Oto6

1: Inter-American Development Bank, Bolivia; 2: Satelligence, The Netherlands; 3: European Space Agency, Italy; 4: Geoville, Austria; 5: eLEAF, The Netherlands; 6: University of Twente, The Netherlands

RICS Research Valuation of Unregistered Land – The Reality of Functioning Informal Land and Property Markets in Ghana, Peru & Indonesia

James Kavanagh1, Mike McDermott2, Franklin Obeng-Odoom3

1: RICS, United Kingdom; 2: International Land Policy, Australia; 3: University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Valuation of Unregistered Lands in Developing Countries: Challenges, Applications and Potential Impacts for Responsible Land Governance

Agatha Wanyonyi1, Michael McDermott2, Clarissa Augustinus3, Oumar Sylla1, Danilo Antonio1, Matt Myers4

1: UN-Habitat/GLTN, Kenya; 2: Global Property Advisory; 3: Private Consultant; 4: South Pacific Property Advisors

Date: Friday, 23/Mar/2018
12-07: Fit-for-Purpose Technology for Cadastral Systems
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Brent Jones, Esri, United States of America

Fit-for-Purpose Technology for Cadastral Systems

Brent Jones

Esri, United States of America

13-07: Handbook for Geospatial Best Practices for Land Administration
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Stephen Calder, GIS/Transport, United States of America

Handbook for Geospatial Best Practices for Land Administration The Tools, Methodologies, Applications, and Rationales.

Stephen Calder

GIS/Transport, United States of America

14-07: New Technology and Emerging Trends: The State of Play for Land Administration
Location: MC 7-100
Chair: Kate Fairlie, Land Equity International, Australia

New Technology and Emerging Trends: The State of Play for Land Administration

Robin McLaren1, Kate Farlie2, Kathrine Kelm3, Giles D’Souza2

1: Know Edge Ltd, United Kingdom; 2: Land Equity International pty; 3: World Bank Group