Conference Agenda

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Session Overview
Location: MC 4-100
Date: Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018
01-13: Creating Momentum for Land Policy Change
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Margaret Rugadya, Ford Foundation, Kenya

Introducing WOLTS: Action-oriented research on women’s land tenure security in Mongolia and Tanzania

Elizabeth Daley1, Kristina Lanz1, Yansanjav Narangerel2, Amani Mhinda3, Zoe Driscoll1, Natsagdorj Lkhamdulam2, Joyce Ndakaru3, Jim Grabham1

1: Mokoro Ltd, United Kingdom; 2: People Centered Conservation (PCC), Mongolia; 3: HakiMadini, Tanzania

Nested Interconnection: Transgressing Community-Based Natural Resource Management towards Innovating Collective Landscape Mobilization

Ratchada Arpornsilp1,2, Rawee Thaworn2

1: Cornell University (CU), United States of America; 2: The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC), Thailand

Using Data to Support Women’s Rights: Property Markets and Housing Rights through a Gender Equity Lens

Sylvia Luchini, Karly Kiefer, Bill Endsley

IHC Global, United States of America

Sharing Evaluation Findings with Community Stakeholders

Kate Marple-Cantrell

The Cloudburst Group, United States of America

02-13: Implementing Land Administration Projects
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Rexford Ahene, LAFAYETTE COLLEGE/ FAO-NRC, United States of America

Improved land registration in Plateau State and its impact on land market and government revenue

Solomon Hoomlong1, Gabriel Arancibia2, Chiemeka Ngwu3

1: Plateau Ministry of Lands, Survey and Town Planning, Nigeria; 2: Thomson Reuters, Canada; 3: Teqbridge Ltd., Nigeria

Meeting the Governance Challenges of Agriculture Land Registration in Nigeria

Austen Okumo, Regina Birner

Hohenheim University, Germany

Digital Cadastre with Manual Land Tenure Systems Scale-Up in Ethiopia

EskedarZelalem Mengistu1, Tigistu G/meskel2, Adam Podolcsak1, Bernd Eversmann1, Tommi Tenno1, Tarek Zein3, Yohannes Redda2

1: NIRAS Responsible And Innovative Land Administration(REILA_2) Projec In Ethiopia; 2: Ministry Of Agriculture and Natural Resource Rural Land Administration and Use Directorate; 3: Hanas Luftbild

Best Practice in Land Administration Project Implementation: Challenging Existing Orthodoxies in Customary Land Governance in Ghana

John Bugri

KNUST, Ghana

03-13: Models for Land Administration Cases
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Ibrahim Mwathane, Land Development and Governance Institute (LDGI), Kenya

After the Title? Building a Multi-Stakeholder Platform in Support of Territorial Governance in Honduras

Roman Alvarez1, Enrique Pantoja2, Fernando Galeana3, Mary Lisbeth Gonzalez2

1: Property Institute; 2: The World Bank; 3: Cornell University

Sustainability Of Land Use And Land Tenure Systems: A Case Study Of Polatli District In Ankara Province, Turkey

Yesi̇m Ali̇efendi̇oglu, Harun Tanrıvermiş

Ankara University

Formalising Land Rental Transactions in Ethiopia – Is Land Certification enough?

Christina Mayr1, Ignacio Fiestas1, John Leckie2

1: Nathan Associates, United Kingdom; 2: DAI, United Kingdom

Securing Customary Land Rights For Development In Namibia: Learning From New Approaches, Opportunities And Social Settings.

Prisca Mandimika1, Jericho Mulofwa2

1: Ministry of Land Reform, Namibia; 2: Ministry of Land Reform - Project for Communal Land Development.

04-13: Modernizing Land Policy & Administration in Asia
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Javier Molina Cruz, FAO, Italy

Systematic Land Registration in Rural Areas of Laos – from concept to scale

Julian Christopher Derbidge, Viladeth Sisoulath

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Tenancy Reform: Restructuring Land Access of Sharecropping System Toward Sustainable Farming Practice in Indonesia.

Sukmo Pinuji

National Land Institute The Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning, Indonesia

Digitization to Strengthen Land Administration: A Case of Nepal

Laxman Pokhrel

Liberty College, Nepal

Land Governance for Reserved Customary Land

Kelera Gadolo, Sereana Tuisabeto

I Taukei Land Trust Board, Fiji Islands

Date: Friday, 23/Mar/2018
12-11: Model Agreement for Responsible Contract Farming
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Sarah Brewin, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Switzerland

Model Agreement for Responsible Contract Farming

Sarah Brewin, Carin Smaller, Mohamed Coulibaly, Francine Picard

International Institute for Sustainable Development

13-11: The Open Source Geospatial Land Administration Toolkit
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Santtu Pyykkönen, Gispo Ltd, Finland

The Open Source Geospatial Land Administration Toolkit

Santtu Pyykkönen, Pekka Sarkola, Sanna Jokela

Gispo Ltd, Finland