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Session Overview
Location: MC 7-300
Date: Thursday, 22/Mar/2018
09-15: Affordable Standards for Land Data Management
Location: MC 7-300
Chair: B. James Deaton, University of Guelph, Canada

Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) and its contribution to monitoring of land governance in Uganda

Miguel Angel Sanjines Mancilla1, Richard Oput2, Christopher Burke3

1: Independent Consultant, Bolivia, Plurinational State of; 2: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD), Uganda; 3: Integrated Land Solutions, Africa (ILSA)

Modernizing Land Service Delivery through the Application of a Continuum Approach: Examining the Appropriateness of the International Land Management Standard (ILMS)

C. Kat Grimsley1, James Kavanagh2

1: George Mason University, United States of America; 2: Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom

Building Ethiopian Land Administration Domain Model to Support Legal Cadastre in Ethiopia

Solomon Kebede2, Nadege Orlova1, Christophe Dekeyne3

1: World Bank; 2: Federal Urban Real Property Registration and Information Agency, Ethiopia; 3: IGNFI

IT-Leap Approach – Lessons Learned in Providing Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Strengthening

Igor Popiv1, Carol Roffer1, Maksym Kalyta1, Alexander Samborsky2

1: Innola Solutions Inc., USA; 2: National Center of State Cadastres, Geodesy and Cartography, Uzbekistan

10-14: Improving Land Service Delivery in Africa I
Location: MC 7-300
Chair: Wordsworth Odame Larbi, FAO, Ethiopia

Managing Large Scale Land Administration Reforms; A case of Ghana’s Land Administration Reform

Kofi Abakah Blankson


Use of Enabling Technology in Protecting Customary Land Rights in Sierra Leone - Pilot Formalization of Customary Land Rights

Alphajoh Cham1, Rexford A. Ahene2, Maria Paola Rizzo2

1: Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Government of Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone; 2: Food and Agricultural Organisation

Rural Parcel Rights Demarcation in Ghana - An Exposition and Critique

Gad Asorwoe Akwensivie, Clarence Bosompim Coleman

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Accra - Ghana

Good Land Governance Is Essential To Effective Land Administration

Mahashe Chaka, Ntsebo Putsoa, Mankuebe Mohafa

Land Administration Authority, Lesotho

11-14: Research on Tenure, Farm Size, Investment and Productivity
Location: MC 7-300
Chair: Yuanyuan Yi, World Bank, United States of America

The Effect of Property Rights on Land-related Investments: Heterogenous Responses? Evidence from Niger.

Le Rossignol Etienne Ronan

Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University, France

Effect of Farm Size on Farm Productivity: Empirical Evidences from India

Anupama Guvvala Venkata, Thomas Falk


Do African Farmers Benefit From Large-Scale Land Acquisitions?

Paul Hofman1, Esther Mokuwa2, Paul Richards2, Maarten Voors1

1: Development Economics Group, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands; 2: Njala University, Sierra Leone

Adoption of Sustainable Land And Forest Management Technologies: Outcome of Forest Tenure Reform in Developing Countries

Tuti Herawati Hadis, Esther Mwangi, Anne Larson, Nining Liswanti, Illiana Monterosso, Michael Ndwiga

Centre for International Forestry Research, Indonesia