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Session Overview
07-06: Agricultural Growth Poles & Corridors: A Fad or The Future?
Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Lorenzo Cotula, IIED, United Kingdom
Location: MC 6-100

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ID: 727 / 07-06: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Fair leverage of land for realizing and financing infrastructure, housing urban expansion and public goods
Keywords: development, urban sprawl, densification, participation

Challenge Of Shrinking Public Land In East Africa

Peter Mwangi

Walker Kontos, Kenya


ID: 767 / 07-06: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Land policy, farming and economic development, evolving tenure rights
Keywords: land use decision

Towards making robust land use decisions: An empirical assessment of non-material co-benefits of rural production landscapes in India

Rajarshi Dasgupta1, Shizuka Hashimoto1, Toshiya Okuro1, Mrittika Basu1,2

1The Unviersity of Tokyo, Japan; 2United Nation's University, Tokyo, Japan


ID: 793 / 07-06: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Achieving responsible large-scale land based investments: lessons learned 10 years on
Keywords: Agriculture, Growth Poles, Investment

The Rise of Agricultural Growth Poles in Africa

Francine Picard Mukazi, Mohamed Coulibaly, Carin Smaller

International Institute for Sustainable Development

07-06-Picard Mukazi-793_ppt.pdf