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Session Overview
09-04: Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Land Policy Dialogue
Thursday, 22/Mar/2018:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Oumar Sylla, UN-Habitat, Kenya
Location: MC 6-860

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ID: 147 / 09-04: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Innovations for securing land and resource rights in customary settings
Keywords: Integrated Resource Governance

Innovation of Integrated Resource Governance in Myanmar

Aung Kyaw Thein

Pyoe Pin, Myanmar

09-04-Kyaw Thein-147.docx

ID: 189 / 09-04: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Innovations for securing land and resource rights in customary settings
Keywords: land, platform, governance

Enjeux Et Limites Des Plateformes De Gouvernance Foncière Multiacteurs En Afrique

KA Ibrahima

Initiative Prospective Agricole et Rurale, Senegal


ID: 869 / 09-04: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Progress with land governance performance monitoring; gender disaggregation approaches; SDGs
Keywords: Gender, SDGs, land governance, indicators, empowerment

Refitting Gendered Land Governance Strategies With New Global And Regional Development Frameworks: Opportunities And Challenges For Land And Gender Advocates

M. Siraj Sait1, Mino Ramaroson2, Rebecca Ochong3, Melissa Permizel4

1University of East London, United Kingdom; 2Huairou Commission, United States of America; 3Habitat for Humanity International Asia Pacific Office; 4United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)


ID: 594 / 09-04: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Fair leverage of land for realizing and financing infrastructure, housing urban expansion and public goods
Keywords: tenure, housing, shelter, gender, campaign

Multi-stakeholder Engagement To Increase Access To Land For Housing: Case Studies From A Global Advocacy Campaign

Jane Katz1, Tamzin Hudson4, Maria Luisa Zanelli3, Carly Kraybill1, Irantzu Serra-Lasa1, Rebecca Ochong2, Anne Myers1

1Habitat for Humanity International, United States of America; 2Habitat for Humanity International, Asia-Pacific; 3Habitat for Humanity International, Latin America and the Caribbean; 4Habitat for Humanity International, Europe, Middle Eaat and Africa