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Session Overview
14-02: Land Governance from the bottom up: Including local communities in multi-stakeholder processes
Friday, 23/Mar/2018:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Session Chair: Romy Maria Santpoort, Utrecht University, Netherlands, The
Location: MC C1-200

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Land investments from the bottom up: Including local communities in multistakeholder processes

Romy Maria Santpoort, Annelies Zoomers, Gemma Betsema, Michelle Nuijen, Frida Wanjiku Githuku, Philip Kilonzo, Ntauazi Clemente, Nzira de Deus, Faye El Hadji, Andrew Mkandawire El Hadji

LANDac (Netherlands Academy for Land Governance), Netherlands, The

This Masterclass shares experiences of LANDac with two programs based on locally organized, bottom-up multi-stakeholder processes in which local communities play a central role: the learning platforms on land governance and food security; and scaling women’s land rights from the grassroots. After presenting the findings and outcomes of these LANDac projects and their policy and practice implications, the masterclass will open the floor to a broader discussion about the research methodology and multi-stakeholder processes. Finally, through interactive exercises, participants will learn about practical tools for working with local communities in multi-stakeholder processes, and will become acquainted with some of the main issues coming out of the processes. With multi-stakeholder processes becoming an integral part of land governance related projects and programs, this Masterclass provides a useful platform for sharing expertise, offering guidance and coming up with new practical ideas for researchers, policy makers and practitioners.