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Poster Board 02-02
Wednesday, 21/Mar/2018:

Location: MC Atrium

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ID: 176 / Poster Board 02-02: 1

ISO 19152 Implementation using the INTERLIS based LADM Country Profile of Colombia

Fabian Mejía, Lorenz Jenni

BSF Swissphoto AG, Colombia

ID: 587 / Poster Board 02-02: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Innovations for securing land and resource rights in customary settings
Keywords: corruption, land governance, justice, communities, transparency

Anti-corruption solutions to land governance challenges in Africa: An analysis of Transparency International ‘s Land and Corruption Project in Africa

Farai Mutondoro1, Mary Awelani Addah2, Michael Okai2

1Transparency International Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe; 2Ghana Intergrity Intiative

ID: 877 / Poster Board 02-02: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Good, cheap, fast and equitable: requirements for moving from pilots to service delivery at scale
Keywords: Land Governance, Poverty eradication, Kenya, National Titling Centre

Strengthening Land Governance for Poverty Eradication and Improved Livelihoods: The Role of the National Titling Centre in Kenya

Dr. Jane Monica Achieng Amisi, Dr. Nicholas Muraguri, Irene C. Muttai

Ministry of Land and Physical Planning, Kenya

ID: 979 / Poster Board 02-02: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Good, cheap, fast and equitable: requirements for moving from pilots to service delivery at scale
Keywords: implementation, jurisdictional, scalability, system, sustainability

Land Administration For My Country – The Challenges Of Delivering Land Administration Services At Scale

David Stow, John Clutterbuck, Peter Hedlund, John Kedar, Neil Dewfield, Andy Wilson, Dan Schirren, Fredrik Zetterquist

Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom

ID: 511 / Poster Board 02-02: 5
Individual Papers
Topics: Modernizing and financing land service delivery and organizations; role private sector
Keywords: fit for purpose, land administration, capacity, national agencies

Delivering an Effective, Fit for Purpose and Future Proof Land Administration System for Low-Middle Income Nations

James Kavanagh1, John Kedar2, Emma Vincent3, Victoria Abbott3

1RICS, United Kingdom; 2Ordnance Survey; 3Land Registry

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