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03-11: Framing Standards to Anticipate Tomorrow's Technologies
Tuesday, 20/Mar/2018:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Trevor Taylor, OGC, United States of America
Location: MC C1-100

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ID: 480 / 03-11: 1
Individual Papers
Topics: Good, cheap, fast and equitable: requirements for moving from pilots to service delivery at scale
Keywords: Innovation, land rights, SDG's, technology, approaches, fit for purpose

The Need For Technology And Approaches Of Tomorrow

Cornelis de Zeeuw, Christiaan Lemmen

Kadaster, Netherlands, The

03-11-de Zeeuw-480_paper.pdf
03-11-de Zeeuw-480_ppt.pptx

ID: 454 / 03-11: 2
Individual Papers
Topics: Modernizing and financing land service delivery and organizations; role private sector
Keywords: cadastre, cadastral system, megatrend, future

Megatrends Shaping the Future Cadastral Systems

Kirsikka Riekkinen1,2, Pauliina Krigsholm2,1

1Aalto University, Finland; 2National Land Survey of Finland


ID: 806 / 03-11: 3
Individual Papers
Topics: Modernizing and financing land service delivery and organizations; role private sector
Keywords: land data governance, nosql, unstructured data, big data, blockchain

Innovations in Land Data Governance: Unstructured Data, NoSQL, Blockchain, and Big Data Analytics Unpacked

Rohan Bennett, Mark Pickering, Jason Sargent

Swinburne Business School, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia


ID: 284 / 03-11: 4
Individual Papers
Topics: Resilience and resilience impact of national land and geospatial systems; seamless, unified and comprehensive geospatial data for enhanced management of landscapes and inclusive land reform
Keywords: scale, geospatial, sustainable, data, benefit

Future National Geospatial Agencies: Shaping Their Contribution To Society And The Sustainable Development Goals

John David Kedar, Kimberley Worthy, James Darvill, Victoria Giddings

Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom


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