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11-09: How Legal & Institutional Factors Affect Rural Land Markets
Thursday, 22/Mar/2018:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Daniel Monchuk, The World Bank, United States of America
Location: MC 9-100

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Regulating Rural Land Markets in West Africa: Issues and Priorities for Land Policies

Philippe Lavigne Delville

Institut de recherche pour le développement, France

Regulating Rural Land Markets in West Africa: Issues and Priorities for Land Policies

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The emergence and dynamics of rural land markets in West Africa: key issues, key insights and remaining questions.

Jean-Philippe Colin

IRD, France

In many rural areas of West Africa, market transactions are emerging or increasing in large numbers. This paper provides a glimpse of a much larger literature review prepared as part of an expertise commissioned by the West African Economic and Monetary Union. In order to be concise, the focus has been selectively placed on four key issues: (i) the conditions for land commodification, (ii) the institutional arrangements, actors and rationales for land transactions, (iii) the impact of land markets in terms of conflicts, actors’ securing strategies, efficiency and equity considerations, and (iv) avenues for future research regarding land transactions in West Africa.


Land Markets Under the Radar: A Cross-Country Analysis of Market Activity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ayala Wineman1, Thomas Jayne2

1University of Washington, United States of America; 2Michigan State University, United States of America

Generalizations abound regarding the extent and nature of land market activity in rural sub-Saharan Africa, and considerably more attention is given to land rental than to sales markets. However, evidence indicates that land sales markets constitute an important avenue through which agricultural households access land. In this paper, we provide quantitative evidence of land market activity in five countries, including Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. Noting that rates of market participation range from 3% to almost 40% across these countries, we then discuss potential explanations for the observed cross-country differences in market activity. Our intent is to acknowledge the heterogeneity across countries, theorize the factors explaining differences in rental and sales market activity within and across countries, and highlight the need for a deeper understanding of the process of land commoditization in Africa.


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