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10-08: Land Administration as an Enabler for Local Government
Thursday, 22/Mar/2018:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Pekka Ilmari Halme, National Land Survey of Finland, Finland
Location: MC 8-100

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Land Administration in Ecuador; current situation and opportunities with adoption of fit-for-purpose land administration approach

Dimo Todorovski1, Rodolfo Salazar2, Ginella Jacome2, Antonio Bermeo3, Esteban Orellana4, Fátima Zambrano4, Andrea Paola Teran3, Raul Mejia5

1Faculty ITC< University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2University ESPE, Ecuador; 3SIGITERRAS, Ecuador; 4MIDUVI, Ecuador; 5Consultant

The aim if this study is to: explore the current status land administration situation in Ecuador, and identify can fit-for purpose (FFP) land administration approach improve the land administration functions for the country and its citizens. In this paper, initially theoretical framework about land administration, guidelines to improve and assessment frameworks for land administration are presented. The FFP land administration basic concept with three frameworks which are: spatial, legal and institutional frameworks are reviewed. In addition, a study fieldwork for collecting primary and secondary data about the status of land administration in Ecuador is performed. In the discussion part, where results from the study fieldwork are discussed v.s. the theoretical framework of FFP land administration, positive developments and areas for improvement are identified. Finally recommendations based on the outcome of this study are presented.


The Future of the Cadastral in Honduras

Alain Paz Quesada, Roman Alvarez Mejia

Unidad Administradora de Proyectos del Instituto de la Propiedad, Honduras

The lack of understanding of the land management issue usually held by Municipal Mayors, we can assert that most of the Cadastral Offices in the municipalities of the country do not have the technical and economic support required to comply with what is established by the Law of Municipalities and Property Law; in the first case, the municipalities are obliged to raise the urban and rural cadaster of their municipal term and to elaborate the Regulatory Plan (planning instrument) of the cities; in the second case, the cadasters that are carried out must comply with the tolerances defined in the Cadastral Measure Regulation that is part of the Property Law.

The legal framework in force in the country in Cadastral provides participation to many key players, such as: municipalities, municipalities, certified professionals for the provision of cadastral services and cadastral delegates.

10-08-Paz Quesada-896_paper.pdf
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Are Local Registers the Solution?

Richard Baldwin1, Clive English1, Christiaan Lemmen3, Ian Rose2, Andrew Smith1, Alexander Solovov1, Tressan Sullivan2

1DAI Europe , United Kingdom; 2DAI, United States; 3Kadaster, Netherlands

This paper explores the possibility of using local registers to manage and update land rights. Secure land rights are largely taken for granted in the developed world. Yet for many people in developing nations, clear and enforceable land rights are not a reality and will not be so in the near future. We advocate an approach based on simple local registers, owned, and operated by communities providing legitimate tenure services directly at the local level. We consider the governance and security arrangements required to guarantee integrity and how that might be achieved and also the linkage with existing/planned national systems. Can local registers be a “good enough” solution? in the same way that we now accept image based first registration methods, and in line with the fit-for-purpose philosophy? .


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