Conference Agenda

Poster Board 01-01: Land Administration
Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017:

Location: MC Atrium

ID: 751 / Poster Board 01-01: 1
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Delivering land administration services at scale
Keywords: Land governance, transformation, multi-sectoral

Strengthening Land Governance To Advance Africa's Social And Economic Transformation

Rudo Eusebia Makunike1, Estherine Fotabong1, Mandivamba Rukuni2

1NEPAD, South Africa; 2BEAT, Zimbabwe

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ID: 125 / Poster Board 01-01: 2
Individual Papers
Poster Presentation
Topics: Academic research on land governance / rigorous impact evaluations
Keywords: Land Governance Assessment Framework, Philippine poverty alleviation, policy models

Empirical Analysis of Models on Good Governance in Land Administration: Basis for Philippine Poverty Alleviation

Lovell Maniego Abello1, Crisanto Asprer Cocal2

1ANGELES UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION, Philippines; 2Crisanto A. Cocal Law Firm

Poster Board 01-01-Abello-125_paper.pdf
Poster Board 01-01-Abello-125_ppt.pdf

ID: 410 / Poster Board 01-01: 3
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land for infrastructure, investment, disaster risk reduction
Keywords: strategic planning, business models for service delivery; addressing capacity gaps, fit-for-purpose, institutional development, land based investments

Strategic Business Plans as Tool to Implement the Government Development Agenda

Tatjana Cenova-Mitrevska, Goce Gruevski

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of

Poster Board 01-01-Cenova-Mitrevska-410_paper.pdf
Poster Board 01-01-Cenova-Mitrevska-410_ppt.pdf

ID: 814 / Poster Board 01-01: 4
Individual Papers
Either of these formats
Topics: Securing land rights for equity, sustainability and resilience
Keywords: collective tenure, common resources, grazing land, gender rights

Leveraging Collective Land Documentation Processes to Secure Community Land and Resource Rights: Lessons from Jigawa State, Northern Nigeria

Ali D. Kaba1,2, Muhammadu Lamin Ahmad1

1Adam Smith International, Nigeria; 2Sustainable Development Institute

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