Conference Agenda

11-06: Roundtable on Valuation of Unregistered Land
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session Chair: Christopher Barlow, Thomson Reuters, United States of America
Location: MC C1-100

Session Abstract

Approaches for valueing and compensating unregistered land. A practitioners perspective

ID: 1180 / 11-06: 1
Invited Paper

A Valeur Perspective

James Kavanagh

RICS, United Kingdom

ID: 1181 / 11-06: 2
Invited Paper

Industry Approaches

Brent Jones1, Tim Fella2

1Esri, United States of America; 2Indufor North America, United States of America

ID: 1182 / 11-06: 3
Invited Paper

Approaches in US counties

Scott Mayausky

Stafford County, United States of America

ID: 1183 / 11-06: 4
Invited Paper

IAOO approach to valuation of unregistered land

Pasqualino {Charley} Colatruglio

International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America