Conference Agenda

10-01: Using Administrative Data for Land Governance Monitoring
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Nicolás Nogueroles, IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain
Location: Preston Auditorium

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ID: 1169 / 10-01: 1
Invited Paper

Fostering Dialogue and Understanding Through the 'Review of Land Administration: Regional and Global Perspectives'

Nicolás Nogueroles

IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

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ID: 1170 / 10-01: 2
Invited Paper

Social and Economic Benefits from Integrating Registry and Cadaster: Evidence from Administrative Data

Oscar Rodríguez Sánchez, Luis Jimenez Sancho

Land Registry, Costa Rica

To be completed

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ID: 1171 / 10-01: 3
Invited Paper

How Administrative Data Can Inform Policy and Research: Evidence from Mexico

Maria Elena Garcia Flores

Federal Registry of Public Land, Mexico

To be completed

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ID: 1172 / 10-01: 4
Invited Paper

Challenges and Potential for Assessing Progress in Colombia's Land Restitution Challenge: How the Registry Can Help

Jorge Enrique Velez

Land Regularization and Restituttion, Colombia

To be completed

ID: 1173 / 10-01: 5
Invited Paper


Sultan Alakraf

Dubai Land Department, United Arab Emirates

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ID: 1176 / 10-01: 7
Invited Paper


Alasdair Murray Lewis

HM Land Registry, United Kingdom

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