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Zakout, WaelWorld Bank Group, United States of AmericaElevating Land Rights beyond the Development Community
Towards Regional Cooperation on Land Governance in the Arab States  Presenter
Zamora, AlejandraCIFOR, PeruApproaches to Securing Common Land in Different Regions
Zanelli, Maria Luisa AlvaradoHabitat for Humanity International Latin America and Caribbean Area OfficeUrban Land Governance
Zavale, HelderEduardo Mondlane University, MozambiqueImpact Research
Zein, TarekHansa Luftbild, Germany;
University of Twente (ITC), The Netherlands
Applying Land Administration Domain Models
Harnessing the Opportunities of Big Data in Land Records
Its4land - 7 Innovations, 7 Lessons, 70 Minutes
New Ways of Low-Cost Parcel Demarcation?  Presenter
Zelul, AbebeMinistry of Urban Development and Housing, EthiopiaPutting Fit for Purpose Land Administration in Practice
Zevenbergen, JacobUniversity of Twente, Netherlands, The;
Hansa Luftbild, Germany
Experiences with Implementing Land Readjustment  Presenter
Its4land - 7 Innovations, 7 Lessons, 70 Minutes
How to Ensure Public Trust in Land Records?  Presenter
Zewdie, BabiyewAmhara National Regional State of Rural Land Adminstration and Use Bureau, Bahir Dar, EthiopiaEffects of Land Tenure on Land Use and Livelihoods  Presenter
Zhang, LanNanjing Agricultural University, P.R. ChinaLand Rental Markets and Structural Transformation
Zhang, LongyaoNanjing Agricultural University, ChinaLand Rental Markets and Structural Transformation  Presenter
Zhang, Luhuazhong university of science and tecnhongy;
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, People's Republic of
Protecting Land and Associated Natural Resources  Presenter
Valuing and Compensating Farm Land and Commons
Zhang, YanWorld BankPutting Fit for Purpose Land Administration in Practice
Zhou, YuepengNanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu, ChinaProtecting Land and Associated Natural Resources
Ziegler, StefanOffice for Geoinformation, Canton of Solothurn, SwitzerlandApplying Land Administration Domain Models
Zimmermann, Willi ErnstConsultant, GermanyTowards Regional Cooperation on Land Governance in the Arab States  Presenter
Zinnbauer, DieterTransparency International - Secretariat, GermanyImproving Urban Land Governance  Presenter
Zivanovic, VasilijaRepublic Geodetic Authority, SerbiaEnsuring Gender Equity
Zodrow, GwynneManagement Systems InternationalAssessing Impact of Land Reform Interventions
Zolli, AndrewPlanet, Inc., United States of AmericaPlenary: Harnessing the Potential of New Data  Presenter
Zoomers, AnneliesUtrecht University;
Eminent Domain and Compulsory Land Takings
Zorkin, NikoENKON Information System, CanadaRealizing Land Administration Reforms  Presenter
Zuidema, RolandZOA, Netherlands, TheExpanding and Sustaining Land Registration
Development Partners Support to Tenure Security
Zuka, SaneUniversity of Malawi, The Polytechnic, MalawiRural Land Governance Experiences  Presenter
Zurita-Milla, RaulFaculty of Geo Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, the NetherlandsEarth Observation For Sustainable Development  Presenter