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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Pacheco, PabloCenter for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), IndonesiaProgress with Responsible Investment Pledges  Presenter
Padgham, JonFuture EarthContribution of Knowledge-Action Networks
Paez, DanielUniversidad de los Andes, ColombiaGeospatial and Land Data  Presenter
Páez, DanielUniversity of the Andes, ColombiaRound Table: Colombia Opportunities for Land Governance  Presenter
Paillard, SandrineFuture EarthContribution of Knowledge-Action Networks  Presenter
Painter, JuliaOrdnance Survey, United KingdomLand Use Planning for Disaster Preparedness
Towards Quantifying the Economic Benefits of NSDI
Pakula, ScottPIXIA Corp, United States of AmericaMobile Field Data Collection
Palanichamy, AnuradhaPublic Sector Management Expert (South Asia), Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, IndiaExpropriation and Compensation  Presenter
Pallas, SabineInternational Land CoalitionLand Use Plans and Pastoral Land Rights
Pandey, UmashankarDepartment of Civil and Geomatics Engineering, Kathmandu UniversityMechanisms to Formalize Community Rights
Pantoja, EnriqueWorld BankCan Documenting Communal Rights be Cost-Effective?
Challenges of Decentralized Land Service Provision  Presenter
Policies for Urban Regularization
Papeleras, RubyHomeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc.Making Land Rights Real  Presenter
Papp, SusanWomen Deliver, United States of AmericaLarge-scale Land Acquisition and Agribusiness/ Gender and Land Tenure  Presenter
Paramita, DhyanaAbt Associates, IndonesiaCan Documenting Communal Rights be Cost-Effective?  Presenter
Pardo, CamiloGeorge Mason University, United States of AmericaDealing with the Far-Reaching Impacts of Land Access  Presenter
Dealing with the Far-Reaching Impacts of Land Access
Land Management Ecosystems
Pariseau, Julie-AnneOlthuis Kleer Townshend LLP, CanadaCan New Data Sources Help Protect Indigenous Rights?
Park, JaehyeonUniversity of California, Los AngelesMarshalling Grassroots Support to Strengthen Local Rights  Presenter
Parks, BradleyThe College of William and MaryUsing New Data & Platforms for Land Policy Research  Presenter
Parramore, SeanQueen Mary University of London, BelgiumPost-Conflict Policies for Land Governance  Presenter
Pascual, UnaiBasque Center for Climate Change, SpainAssessing Impact of Land Reform Interventions
Pasha Zadeh, ParyaFaculty of Geo Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), University of Twente, the NetherlandsEarth Observation For Sustainable Development
Pasquini, RicardoTorcuato Di Tella University, Argentine RepublicLand Policies for Affordable Housing
Passos, DelaideUniversity of Campinas, BrazilBuilding on Customary Tenure Security
Paterson, LizUN-HabitatLeveraging Land: Land-Based Finance
Patil, VikramAshoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, IndiaValuing and Compensating Farm Land and Commons
Paudel, Naya SharmaForest Action, NepalInstitutional Arrangements to Manage Communal Rights
Paull, DanPSMA Australia, AustraliaUsing Remotely Sensed Data to Improve Urban Planning  Presenter
Paulsen, Hinrichmundialis GmbH & Co. KG, GermanyInnovation Fair: Analyzing Land Data & Data Processing
Paz, AlainCan Documenting Communal Rights be Cost-Effective?
Paz Quesada, Alain AdalbertoPrograma de Administración de Tierras de Honduras (PATH II), HondurasPolicies for Urban Regularization  Presenter
Pen, RatanaHeinrich Boell Foundation CambodiaCan New Data Sources Help Protect Indigenous Rights?  Presenter
Percivall, GeorgeThe Open Geospatial ConsortiumCreating the Data to Support Urban Land Management
Persha, LaurenNORC at the University of Chicago, United States of AmericaAssessing Impact of Land Reform Interventions  Presenter
What Evaluations Tell us on the Impact of Land Interventions
Perucci, FrancescaUnited Nations Statistics Division, United States of AmericaProgress with Data Availability for Tracking the SDGs
Petersen, RachaelWorld Resources Institute, United States of AmericaNew Ways to Track Large Farm Performance and Compliance
Petrosius, AidasState Enterprise Centre of Registers, LithuaniaGovernance of Real Estate
Pham, Hoa Thi MongWorld Bank, United States of AmericaExperiences with Implementing Land Readjustment
Phaophongsavath, PhouvongMinistry of Planning and InvestmentCan Agribusiness Investment Enhance Local Welfare?
Philip Reydon, Bastiaanuniversidade estadual de campinas unicamp, brazil;
universidade estadual de campinas unicamp, brazil;
Universidade de Campinas, Brazil
Urban Land Governance
Land Administration
Philippe, LebaillyEconomics and Rural Development Unit , University of Liege, BelgiumCorridors and Agricultural Investment Zones for Africa?
Phiri, InnocentLilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesThe Root of the Measure: Methodological Experiment
Phiri, MosesPetauke District Land AllianceFormalizing Customary Land
Phommachanh, AnongsoneDepartment of Land Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, LaosInnovation Fair: Interoperability & Land Use Applications
“One-Map” Policies in Asia
Phouangmala, BounyadethRECOFTC, ThailandLand Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
Picard, FrancineInternational Institute for Sustainable DevelopmentGender and Responsible Agricultural Investment in Africa
Land Contracts: Tools & Strategies for Greater Transparency
Picard, FrancineIISD, SwitzerlandValuing Land for Taxation & Compensation
Is there Scope for Inclusive Agribusiness Models?
Pichel, FrankCadasta Foundation, United States of AmericaTraditional Institutions' Role to Document Communal Rights
Using Land Data as a Basis for Local Administration  Presenter
Piloting Global Land and Property Indices
Pidugu, AnushaTexas A&MLand Administration
Pillai, MadhaviThe World Bank, United States of AmericaHow Can Climate Investments Support Sustainable Land Use?  Presenter
Pinilla, Juan FelipeWorld Bank, ColombiaPolicies for Improving Urban Governance
Pirlot, Jean-YvesThe Council of European Geodetic Surveyors (CLGE)Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Land Administration?
Pitoro, RaulMichigan State University, United States of AmericaAnalyzing Land Policy Making in Africa  Presenter
Popiv, IgorInnola Solutions, Inc., USPutting Fit for Purpose Land Administration in Practice
Posadas, Louie RobertTechnical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc.Making Land Rights Real
Posfai, MariannaNIRAS Finland OYPolicies for Improving Urban Governance  Presenter
Potgieter, TracyTracy Potgieter & AssociatesChallenges of Implementing Redistributive Land Reform
Potic, IvanRepublic Geodetic Authority, SerbiaGeospatial and Land Data/ Land Markets
Potsiou, ChryssyINTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF SURVEYORS FIGGovernance of Real Estate  Presenter
Guide to the Valuation of Unregistered Land
Innovation Fair: Interoperability & Land Use Applications
Pott, LinusWorld Bank, United States of AmericaStrengthening Land Administration Management  Presenter
Poudel, SanjeevParibartan Nepal,nongovernmental organization, NepalCustomary Lands and Commons
Pourvaziry, RezaInternational City Leaders, CanadaEmerging Alternative Land Tools in MENA and Asia
Preckel, PaulPurdue University, United States of AmericaGeospatial and Land Data
Pressoir, GaëlChibas Foundation / Quiskeya University, Port-au-PrinceScaling Good Practice on Land Administration Delivery
Pringle, DuncanWorld Bank, USACan Agribusiness Investment Enhance Local Welfare?
Screening Prospective Investors
Priyadarshini, PratitiFoundation for Ecological Security, IndiaProtecting Pastoral Production Systems  Presenter
Valuing and Compensating Farm Land and Commons
Probert, MarkConsultantEstablishing a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
Providoli, IsabelleUniversity of Bern, Centre for Development and Environment (CDE);
Global Land Programme
Contribution of Knowledge-Action Networks
Pützer, Hanns-JakobInternational Notarial Cooperation Commission (CCNI)/ (UINL)Will Blockchain Technology Revolutionize Land Administration?