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Author(s) Organization(s) Session
Jacobs, GasantThomson Reuters, South AfricaStrengthening Land Administration Management
Jacquet, BrunoInter American Development BankExpanding and Sustaining Land Registration
Jahan, FerdousUniversity of Dhaka, BangladeshEnsuring Land Policy's Contribution to Gender Equality
Jain, NanditaThe World Bank, Washington D.C.Scaling Good Practice on Land Administration Delivery
Jain, SuparnaInternational Finance CorporationSmallholders and private sector working towards sustainable sugar production in India
Jaitner, Annette MariaTransparency International Secretariat, GermanyGuarding against Land-Related Corruption  Presenter
Jakob, MichaelMercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) Berlin, GermanyExperiences with Land Tax And Valuation
Jamal, ErizalIndonesian Institute for Agricultural Technology transfer, IndonesiaLand Markets/ Urban Land Governance  Presenter
Jasper, StageDepartment of Business Administration, Technology and Social SciencesMulti-Faceted Impacts of Secure Tenure Rights
Jeje, Mofe OluwasholaCommonwealth Intelligence & Ally Network (CIAN)Large-scale Land Acquisition and Agribusiness  Presenter
Jenni, LorenzBSF Swissphoto AG, SwitzerlandApplying Land Administration Domain Models  Presenter
Ji, DengyanGannan Normal University, Jiangxi, ChinaProtecting Land and Associated Natural Resources
Jibril, Ibrahim UsmanFederal Ministry of Environment, Federal Government of Nigeria, NigeriaEffects of Land Tenure on Land Use and Livelihoods  Presenter
Jin, SognqingZhejiang University & Michigan State UniversityWhat Evaluations Tell us on the Impact of Land Interventions
What Evaluations Tell us on the Impact of Land Interventions  Presenter
Jingryd, OlaMalmö UniversityGender in Customary Lands and the Commons
Joaquim, Simao PedroMinistry of Land, Environment and Rural Development, National Directorate of Land;
DINAT - National Directorate of Lands
Institutional Arrangements to Manage Communal Rights
Putting Fit for Purpose Land Administration in Practice
Scaling Good Practice on Land Administration Delivery
Jochnick, ChrisLandesa, United States of AmericaElevating Land Rights beyond the Development Community  Presenter
Johnson, IanUNCCD, GermanyThe Role of Tenure in Reducing Land Degradation
Joireman, SandraUniversity of Richmond, United States of AmericaPost-Conflict Policies for Land Governance  Presenter
Jonckheere, Steven Raoul FilipIFAD, ItalyAddressing Land Tenure in Irrigation Schemes in West Africa  Presenter
Land Use Plans and Pastoral Land Rights  Presenter
Jones, BrentEsri, United States of AmericaInnovation Fair: Analyzing Land Data & Data Processing
Low Cost Valuation Methodologies
New Ways of Low-Cost Parcel Demarcation?  Presenter
Putting Fit for Purpose Land Administration in Practice  Presenter
Roundtable on Valuation of Unregistered Land
Jones, KellyColorado State University, United States of AmericaRole of Property Rights in Realizing Environmental Services  Presenter
Jorge, BoaneEXI LDA, MozambiqueLand Administration
Joshi, Janak RajMinistry of Land Reform and Management, NepalMechanisms to Formalize Community Rights  Presenter
Jovanov, PetarRepublic Geodetic Authority, SerbiaLand Administration  Presenter
Joyce RoseMary, NangobiSlum Women's Initiative for Development (SWID), UgandaMaking Land Rights Real  Presenter
Juanteguy, Sasha AlexanderUNCCD, GermanyThe Role of Tenure in Reducing Land Degradation
Junqueira Leite, EdsonMinistry of Agriculture, BrazilUsing Land Policy for Sustainable Value Chains: the case of Brazil  Presenter