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Session Overview
15-09: Women's Claim Making Strategies
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: MC C2-125

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The Culture Of Land Ownership: Women's Claim Making Strategies

Shipra Deo, Govind Kelkar

Landesa, India

The structural causes of gender-based discrimination result in high inequalities for women in social, political and economic spheres. In Agricultural Census of India 2011, approximately 13 percent of operational holders are women, while 79 percent of women workforce is engaged in agriculture. The fact that women do not have rights to land is largely due to the interaction between the state institutions and the socio-cultural norms which usually have their origins in patriarchal values and practices.

The state institutions, which are responsible for policy making, grapple between equality-based discussions and their own cultural beliefs that are supported by the political elite (who themselves are nurtured with gendered norms of power). As a result the policies turn ineffective in ensuring land rights to women.

Landesa’s work shows that attaining gender equality in land rights is as much dependent on overcoming social and cultural constraints as on legal recognition of the rights.

The proposed masterclass would address:

• The socio-cultural norms and practices in the developing world that define patriarchal dominance in the state and community institutions.

• Various ways in which women, nonetheless, have claimed their rights to land and assets

• Positive outcomes coming up as a consequence of various interventions by Landesa