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Session Overview
14-02: Land Administration Software Customization Using InnoLa
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
11:00am - 12:30pm

Location: MC C1-100

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Examples Of Land Administration Software Customization Using InnoLA Framework

Maksym Kalyta, Vasyl Melnychuk

Innola Solutions, Inc., United States of America

This master class invites professionals and government employees who is interested to understand how software tools, used to manage property registration process, can be adjusted and tailored for particular user’s needs with use of modern technologies. The purpose of the class is to present a real case scenario of the client requirements for implementation of a certain business process and illustrate how it is fulfilled using the software. The most important aspect is to illustrate that this rather complicated customization exercise might be performed by accordingly trained professional without the need to get into hard core software development aspects. During 90-minutes session, we will customize on the fly our web-based registration software called InnoLA, which is deployed as NLIS in Uganda. InnoLA is a modern, web-based professional open software framework for registering, managing and distributing real property objects and related data fully compliant with the LADM ISO standard.

Using Grant of Freehold transaction as an example, we will demo further enhancement and changes of the system, including modification of the system workflow definition; customization of data entry form and its associated fields; change of the existing business rule etc.