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Session Overview
Location: MC 9-100
Date: Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017
01-12: Connecting Land Data Systems for Tenure Security
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Stefano Ghielmetti, Trimble, United States of America

The Ghana Enterprise Land Information System (GELIS) as a Component of National Geospatial Policy

Graham C Deane1, Robert M Owen1, Benjamin Quaye2

1: Airbus Defence and Space, United Kingdom; 2: Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources - Land Administration Project

The Cabo Verde Land Management Information and Transaction System (LMITS). Integrating Spatial and Alphanumeric Information on Land and Property, to Improve Access and Reliability and to Strengthen Transparency

Carlos Varela, Sonia Schofield

Millennium Challenge Account - Cabo Verde II, Cape Verde

A Viable Approach to Establish Conclusive Land Title in India

Satyaprakash Timmiah Lakshmanappa1, Dr.Sultan Singh Sr. Scientist-SG2

1: Govt of Haryana, India, India; 2: Haryana Space Applications Centre (HARSAC)

02-12: Realizing Land Administration Reforms
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Jacob Zevenbergen, University of Twente, Netherlands, The

Delivering Land Administration Services At Scale

Faiz Faiz-ul-Hassan, Iqbal Muhammad Zafar

Punjab Land Records Authority, Government of Punjab, Pakistan

How to Implement a Broad Reform Agenda - The role of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre in development of the property market in Republic of Macedonia

Tatjana Cenova-Mitrevska

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of

Better Land Management in Botswana Through an Integrated Electronic Land Information System

Niko Zorkin1, Thato Raphaka2, Kent Nilsson3, Moagi Basaakane4

1: ENKON Information System, Canada; 2: Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Botswana; 3: Lantmäteriet; 4: Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Botswana

Scaling Up a Pilot Land Management Initiative in Uganda to a National Land Information System (NLIS)

Richard Oput1, Aurélie Milledrogues2, Patrick Stimpson2, Sergiy Lizenko3, Carol Roffer3, Christopher Burke2

1: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD), Uganda; 2: Institut Géographique National-France International (IGN-FI); 3: Innola Solutions, Inc.

03-12: Making Land Rights Real
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Everlyne Nairesiae Lingoine, GLII/GLTN - UN Habitat, Kenya

Land: The Hidden Assets in African Cities

Gora Mboup

Global Observatory linking Research to Action (GORA), United States of America

Community-Led, Citywide Settlement Profiling And Upgrading As Evidence Based Approach To Land Governance: The Case Of Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Qhobela Cyprian Selebalo5, Louie Robert Posadas3, Villa Mae Libutaque4, Ruby Papeleras1, Lunalyn Cagan3, Danilo Antonio5, John Gitau5, Hellen Nyamweru Ndung'u5, Deanne Ayson2

1: Homeless People’s Federation Philippines, Inc.; 2: Philippine Action for Community-led Shelter Initiatives, Inc.; 3: Technical Assistance Movement for People and Environment, Inc.; 4: LinkBuild, Inc.; 5: UN-Habitat/GLTN

Making the Community Land Bill Effective: The Case of Mashimoni Settlement in Nairobi County and Kwa Bulo Settlement in Mombasa County of Kenya

Danson Maina1, Rebecca Ochong2, Danilo Antonio1, Steve Ouma2

1: Pamoja Trust, Kenya; 2: UN-Habitat/GLTN

The Role Of Gender In Securing Land Rights For Equity, Sustainability, And Resilience

Nangobi Joyce RoseMary1, Pamela Ransom2

1: Slum Women's Initiative for Development (SWID), Uganda; 2: Metropolitan College New York City

Securing Land Rights within the Continuum of Land Rights Approach: Evidence from the Poor Urban Communities in Kenya and Uganda

Danilo Antonio1, Julius Okello2, Nelson Marongwe1, Hellen Nyamweru1

1: UN-Habitat; 2: African Institute for Strategic Research Governance and Development

04-12: Policies for Urban Regularization
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Manohar Velpuri, FIG, Denmark

Between informal and illegal: Noncompliance with Planning and Building Laws

Rachelle Alterman1, Ines Calor2

1: Neaman Institute, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel; 2: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Honduras Experience with Land Regularization in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas

Alain Adalberto Paz Quesada1, Roman Alvarez1, Enrique Pantoja2

1: Programa de Administración de Tierras de Honduras (PATH II), Honduras; 2: The World Bank

(Formalizing) Informal Housing: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Victor Endo1, Luis Triveno2, Abel Alarco3

1: Land Alliance; 2: World Bank; 3: NG Quality

Invasion of vacant lands in the realm of urban development: a case study of the Kenya coast

Prof. Muhammad Swazuri, Mr. Geoffrey Nyamasege, Mr. Tom Chavangi, Ms Esterina Dokhe

National Land Commission, Kenya

Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
05-12: Helping Communities Document and Exercise their Rights
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Joachim Knoth, European Commission, Belgium

Participative Cartography in Benin

Felix Braeckman1, Hervé Dossoumou2, Egy Sossou2, Anouk Lodder1

1: VNG International The Netherlands; 2: VNG International Benin

Registration and Release of Customary-land for Private Enterprise: Lessons from Papua New Guinea

Satish Chand

University of New South Wales, Australia

Supporting Greater Tenure Security For Community And Customary Land Rights – Lessons Learned From The Field And How Community Led Participatory Mapping Empowers Small Holder Farmers In Myanmar.

Nicholas Thomas, Thiengi May Soe, Myat Thu Aung

Tetra Tech, United States of America

Norwegian Support To The Land Sector In Kyrgyzstan

Elena Busch1, Helge Onsrud1, Bakytbek Djusupbekov2

1: Statens kartverk - Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norway; 2: Department of Cadastre and Registration, Kyrgyzstan

06-12: New Approaches to Large Scale Land Acquisition
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Hafiz Mirza, UNCTAD, Switzerland

The intricacies of large scale agricultural investment in Gambella Region, Ethiopia

Azeb Degife

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Understanding the Implication of Macroeconomic Growth on Smallholder Farmer, Landless, Landpoor and Women's livelihood and Land Rights in Lower Mekong Basin Region

Kaneka Keo1, Daniel Lindgren2

1: Oxfam America, Cambodia; 2: Rapid Asia Co.,Ltd

Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Kenya: Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Kenya: The Yala Swamp Case Study of Kenya’s Land Governance System and Actual Practices

Odenda Lumumba


Smallholders and large –scale land acquisition in west Africa: the case of the management committees of customary land in Benin

Avohoueme Midjeou Beranger

LADYD, University of Abomey-Calavi, Republic of Benin

07-12: Valuing and Compensating Farm Land and Commons
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Leon Verstappen, University of Groningen, Netherlands, The

Natural and Social Capital Valuation: Piloting a Bottom-Up Approach to Valuing the Commons and Paving the Way for Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal

Daphne Yin1, Yijia Chen1, Jeffrey Hatcher1, Santosh Bhandari2, Pete Watt2, Pratiti Priyadarshini3, Rahul Chaturvedi3, Jagdeesh Rao3, Peadar Davis4, Paul Bidanset4

1: Indufor North America, United States of America; 2: Indufor Asia Pacific, New Zealand; 3: Foundation for Ecological Security, India; 4: Ulster University, United Kingdom

Detemining Minimum Compensation for Lost Farmland: A Theory- Based Impact Evalution of a Bio-Ethanol Multinational Company in Sierra Leone

Joseph Saffa, Mohamed Sorie Conteh, Lansana Hassan Sowa

Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF), Sierra Leone

Guarding Against Land-expropriation-related Mass Incidents (LERMIs): Practical Evidence From China's Local Governments

Siliang Wang1, Shukui Tan1, Lu Zhang1, Conghui Cheng2

1: Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, People's Republic of; 2: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, People's Republic of

Do rehabilitation institutions from land acquisition fit with farmers’ preferences? Results from a contingent ranking experiment in India

Vikram Patil1, Ranjan Ghosh2, Vinish Kathuria3

1: Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment, India; 2: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden; 3: SJM School of Management of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

08-12: Eminent Domain and Compulsory Land Takings
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Jonathan Lindsay, World Bank, United States of America

Compulsory Purchase Powers - Essential For Emerging Economies

Tony Mulhall, James Kavanagh

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom

Eminent Domain in Finland

Markku Markkula

National Land Survey of Finland, Finland

Displacement politics and post-aid urban development: Resettlements, donors and infrastructure development in Beira city, Mozambique

Murtah Read1,2, Annelies Zoomers1,2, Kei Otsuki1,2, Mayke Kaag2,3

1: Utrecht University; 2: LANDac; 3: African Studies Center Leiden

Land For Infrastructure Development: Compulsory Acquisition And Compensation Of Undocumented /Unregistered Land In Kenya

Agatha Wanyonyi, Monica Obongo, Peter Mburu, Jane Ndiba

Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, Kenya

Date: Thursday, 23/Mar/2017
09-12: Impact of Land-related Regulations
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Mondonga Mokoli, Strayer University and Montgomery College, United States of America

The Impact of Initial Security of Tenure on Smallholder Farmers’ Household Income and Food Security: A Case Study of the Chiradzulu District in Malawi

Kefasi Kamoyo1, Solomon Mkumbwa2, Harold Liversage3, Rex Baluwa1

1: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Malawi; 2: Land and Global Land Tool Network- UN Habitat, Kenya; 3: International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy

Putting Land Rights into Value

Andreas Lange

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Germany

Land And Poverty Alleviation

Amit Bhola

Shri Balaji Agrotech Pvt Ltd, India

10-12: Governance of Real Estate
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Arvo Kokkonen, National Land Survey of Finland, Finland

Property Based Information Systems of Turkey

Mehmet Fatih Diri

General Directorate of Land Registy and Cadastre, Turkey

REGIA: creating new context for better governance

Aidas Petrosius, Kestutis Sabaliauskas, Arvydas Bagdonavičius

State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania

Formalizing Real Estate Markets Within Europe, Structural Reforms And Challenges

Chrysi Potsiou


International Property Market Scorecard – A Tool for Data Collection

Sylvia Luchini1, William Endsley2, Anna Kompanek3

1: The International Real Property Foundation, United States of America; 2: World Citizen Consulting; 3: Center for International Private Enterprise

11-12: How Landuse & Building Regulations affect Property Markets
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Luis Triveno, World Bank, United States of America

Evaluating the Equity and Efficiency Impacts of Land Use Regulations: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Approach

Eric Heikkila1, Robin Rajack2

1: University of Southern California, United States of America; 2: Inter-American Development Bank

Effects of Land Misallocation on Capital Allocations in India

Gilles Duranton2, Ejaz Ghani1, Arti Grover1, William Kerr3

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; 3: Harvard Business School

Factor Missallocation, Firm Entry and Exit, and Productivity in Ukraine's Agricultural Sector

Klaus Deininger1, Denys Nizalov2, Mykola Ryzhenkov3, Sudhir Singh1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: University of Kent/ KEI at KSE, United Kingdom; 3: Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine

12-12: Property Rights Aspects of "Vertical Expansion"
Location: MC 9-100
Chair: Rohan Bennett, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Apartment owners associations

Leon Verstappen, Noortje Vegter, Fokke Jan Vonck

University of Groningen, Netherlands, The

Land Ownership in Nigeria: Towards a Legal Framework for Condominium

Awwal Magashi

Adam Smith International, Nigeria

The World Is Not a Pizza - How Single-Photon LiDAR Shows the World in 3D – Affordably and Reliably

Ronald Roth

Leica Geosystems, United States of America

Date: Friday, 24/Mar/2017
13-07: Land & Forest Tenure Reform for Policymakers & Practitioners
Location: MC 9-100

For more information or signing up, please contact


Land And Forest Tenure Reform Implementation And Tenure Security: An Orientation for Policy Makers And Practitioners

Anne Larson, Esther Mwangi, Mani Banjade

Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia

14-07: Towards Sustainable Pastoralism: The FAO VGGT Guide 6
Location: MC 9-100

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Towards Sustainable Pastoralism Through Improving Governance of Pastoral Lands: Implementation of the FAO VGGT Governance of Techncial Guide No. 6

Vivian Onyango1, Gregorio VelascoGil1, Fiona Flintan2, Jonathan Davies3

1: Pastoralist Knowledge Hub (PKH), FAO,; 2: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI); 3: World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism (WISP)/International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

ILC: International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists
Location: MC 9-100

Contact ILC Rangelands Initiative: Fiona Flinton:

15-07: Forest Governance Market and Climate Program
Location: MC 9-100

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Forest Governance Market and Climate Programme (FGMC)

Francesca Marzatico02, Hugh Speechly01, Sandra Thiam03, Art Blundell04

1: Palladium; 2: Palladium; 3: European Forest Institute; 4: Forest Trends