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Session Overview
00-12: Plenary: Land Policy Options for Sustainable Urbanization
Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017:
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Session Chair: Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, World Bank, United States of America
Location: Preston Auditorium

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More Revenue Mobilization by Strengthening Land Administration in Kampala

Jennifer Semakula Musisi

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda

Empirical evidence shows that over the past five years lands revenue on average contributed 10% of the total revenue collected in Kampala. The land revenue sources included leasehold premium charged at 10% of the market value of land, annual ground rent charged at 0.5% of the market value of land and a plethora of land services including land registration, land ownership verification, placement and removal of caveats, land subdivision and consolidation, surveying and mapping services, GIS services and so on. In FY2014/15, lands revenue rose from US$ 2 million to US$ 3.2million (14%) of the total revenue. The steady performance is attributed to implementation of the online electronic payment system (e-citie), computerization of the lands register.

Proposals to improve revenue collection include, proposals on adopting low-cost land administration tools, improving access to land information through web-based interfaces, guarding against corruption, enhancing the land ownership rights of women and minority groups, enhancing land ownership rights in informal settlements, reviewing the land policy to provide for leasehold as the urban land tenure and reviewing leasehold premium and ground rent charges with due consideration of local conditions and international best practices


Drawing Lessons from the Brazil Slum Upgrading Program Minha Casa, Minha Vida

Ines Silva

The World Bank, United States of America

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Role of Land Policy in Financing Johannesburg Urban Development

Yondela Silimela

City of Johannesburg, South Africa

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Land Value Capture for Urban Revival: The Case of Shenzen

Yu-Hung Hong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

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