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Session Overview
15-05: Gender and Responsible Agricultural Investment in Africa
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: MC 7-100

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Gender and Responsible Large Scale Land Based Investment in Agriculture in Africa: A Gendered Guide on Meaningful Community Engagement

Eileen Wakesho Mwagae1, Francine Picard2

1Oxfam Pan Africa Programme; 2International Institute for Sustainable Development

Oxfam and its partner, International Institute for Sustainable Development have developed a gendered guide intended to provide an overview of the key steps in the Large Scale Land Based Investment (LSLBI) process while defining what women and community engagement looks like through the evolution of the process. It seeks to provide a resource for women, communities and those seeking to empower them by addressing associated issues in a simplified manner

The guide is specifically intended for use by women, communities, their organizers and their facilitators once they discover an LSLBI is proposed or underway in their area. The guide highlights five key entry points which communities can use to influence the LSLBI process through organized and targeted engagement. The guide is intended to help maximize women and community’s ability to engage meaningfully in LSLBI processes.

The guide development process was informed by community consultations in sampled countries among Communities affected by LSLBI. The countries include Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal and Zambia. While by no means providing all the evidence required, the information gathered from these countries was critical in development of the tools.