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15-08: The Social Tenure Domain Model
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: MC 10-100

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MasterClass - learning day events

Actualizing Standards and Interoperability, Participatory Enumerations and Mapping through the Social Tenure Domain Model

Danilo Antonio, John Gitau, Cyprian Selebalo, Hellen Nyamweru, Everlyne Nairesiae

United Nations Human Settlements Programme, Kenya

Global Land Tool Network, facilitated by UN-Habitat, has been developing the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM), which is a pro-poor, participatory and affordable land tool for capturing person-to-land relationships cognizant of the land rights continuum. STDM as it stands seeks to broaden the land administration framework by providing alternative to the institutional, technical and fiscal gaps in conventional land administration system.

STDM makes it possible to bring the social element into land administration by:

- Recognizing informal tenure arrangements based on the continuum of land rights;

- Unpacking existing social tenures, by means of classifications and coding of land rights and inclusion of those tenure types in data collection and maintenance;

- Opening options for innovative and incremental approaches to improving tenure security by means of conversions;

- Bridging the gap between informal systems and formal systems that emphasize titles by means of standardized approaches allowing legal and technical interoperability between basic land recordation and formal registrations;

- Giving a snap-shot of the ‘people-land’ relationships at any given time.

The overall objective of the MasterClass will be to provide an overview of the STDM tool as well as its use and application in different areas

Danilo Antonio is a Programme Officer at Land and GLTN Unit under the Urban Legislation, Land and Governance Branch of UN-Habitat. As a public servant for 15 years, he has been a key driver of change and reform of the Philippines’ land tenure, administration and management system particularly through his previous senior positions to the World Bank-AusAID assisted Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP). He has been a trainer and a lecturer at the Geodetic Engineering Department of FEATI University, Philippines. Also, he has been actively contributing to land sector reforms in the areas of professional development, training and capacity building, institutional development and change management.