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Session Overview
12-02: Indigenous Peoples Movement around Tenure Rights
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
2:45pm - 4:15pm

Session Chair: Ellysar Baroudy, World Bank, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121


ID: 1187 / 12-02: 1
Invited Paper

Introductory Remarks

Ellysar Baroudy

World Bank, United States of America

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ID: 1188 / 12-02: 2
Invited Paper

Experience and results with REDD+ Readiness in Africa

Daniel Sapit

IP Hub Africa, Kenya

The engagement of Indigenous peoples with the REDD+ mechanism is premised on opportunities that would be obtained with meaningful participation at all levels including at international spheres such as clarity on land tenure in Indigenous peoples' territories, push for needed forest policy and governance reforms to put Indigenous peoples at the center of forest governance, implementation of REDD+ safeguard policies to secure a variety of rights for Indigenous peoples and equitable sharing of benefits, diversified livelihood options and protection of Indigenous cultures and inclusion of traditional knowledge systems in REDD+ governance. The engagement was also cognizant of inherent risks to the livelihoods of the very communities that the REDD+ projects are designed to benefit.

Results of REDD+ interventions in regards to tenure rights of Indigenous peoples have made great strides in clarifying and mitigating against risks associated to evictions and loss of land rights for Indigenous peoples, state control over forests reversing gains made by communities in conservation, centralized, top-down forest management leading to the exclusion of Indigenous peoples from decision-making processes, land speculation and dispossession without Indigenous peoples’ free, prior and informed consent and possible violation of Indigenous peoples' livelihoods, cultures and traditional knowledge systems.


ID: 1189 / 12-02: 3
Invited Paper

Experience and results with REDD+ Readiness in the Latin America and Caribbean

Onel Masardule

Foundation for Indigenous Knowledge in Panama, Panama

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ID: 1252 / 12-02: 5
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Securing land rights for equity, sustainability and resilience

Experience and results with REDD+ Readiness in Asia

Grace Balawag

FCPF, Philippines



ID: 1191 / 12-02: 6
Invited Paper

Global perspective on realizing Indigenous Peoples’ community rights

Myrna Cunningham Kain

Center for the Autonomy and Development of Indigenous Peoples (CADPI), Nicaragua

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ID: 1192 / 12-02: 7
Invited Paper

Closing Remarks

Luis Felipe Duchicela

World Bank, United States of America

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