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Session Overview
10-05: Policies for Low Density Cities
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Anna Wellenstein, World Bank, United States of America
Location: J 1-050

ID: 424 / 10-05: 1
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: urban sprawl, land management, sustainability

Urban Land Management for Sustainable Development in Riyadh, KSA

Olga Kaganova, Annie Bidgood, Ellen Hamilton, Fuad Malkawi

World Bank, United States of America

In Saudi Arabia, 83 percent of the population already lives in urban areas. The growth rate of Riyadh is projected to be high and steady for the next 15 years. The government and public are concerned with Riyadh’s sprawl and its implications on future urban infrastructure investment needs, housing affordability and location, and other aspects of sustainability. The study reflects on these concerns. It demonstrates that Riyadh is, indeed, a sprawling city: within a comparator group of thirteen other international cities, Riyadh has the lowest density and the third worst measure of fragmentation. A complex mix of intertwined factors led to this sprawl, and a key driver is the systematic treatment of urban land as a free public good, without sufficient incentives for development or costs of holding land vacant. This spatial growth pattern is not sustainable financially, economically, or socially. Addressing the will sprawl require a comprehensive package of well-coordinated and targeted regulatory and financial policies, tools, and positive incentives. New spatial strategies need to explicitly promote efficient and sustainable development and be legally binding. The paper suggests specific measures on land regulations, management of government land, and better planning and investment in infrastructure, including location of investments.


ID: 1162 / 10-05: 2
Invited Paper

Transforming Riyadh from Challenges to Urban Policies Actions: A Planning Perspective

Ibrahim Fahad I Aleid, Abdulrahman Abdullah A Alsultan

Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia

Transforming Riyadh from challenges to urban policies actions

Ibrahim Aleid and Abdurlahman Alsultan

Arriyadh Development Authority, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Main components of the presentation will include:

- Key urban indicators about Riyadh, in terms of urban growth, population growth, white lands & population densities.

- Key urban issues & challenges.

- Key initiatives and actions taken by the city of Riyadh in terms of city level land management, which includes:

o Setting a vision and a planning framework for urban development

o Adopting landuse policies and development guidelines

o Encouraging transit-oriented development

o Setting development incentives, densification & incentivizing developers

o City center urban redevelopment policies

o Fees on white lands

o Urban design guidelines

o Efficiency in provision & implementation of public facilities

And these are still in draft form, hoping they will complement the sessions’ topics.


ID: 1163 / 10-05: 3
Invited Paper

A Land Administration Perspective

Mohammed Al Rajhi

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia

To be completed

ID: 1165 / 10-05: 5
Invited Paper

A Municipality Perspective

Osama Al-Bar

City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia

To be completed