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13-02: Using UAVs, GIS, and the Cloud for Land Administration
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
9:00am - 10:30am

Location: MC C1-100

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Could We Cadaster Faster in an Integrated IT System by using UAVs with GIS Services in a Cloud Infrastructure?

Mihnea Mihailescu

Teamnet Group, Romania

There is a significant number of geographies around the world where the percentage of land with cadaster and land books registered in an integrated IT system is rather low and increasing it is a real challenge for all stakeholders: the governmental institution managing the domain, surveyors, IT businesses and citizens.

In order to improve the duration and costs of mass registration we analyze the involvement of modern technologies along the process, automation of eligible registration sub-processes, usage of UAVs for faster field data collection and storing and sharing all work in progress in the cloud infrastructure. We measure the improvements and analyze their impact on quality and total cost of ownership to determine whether such improvements are a real “win” for all stakeholders. We will compare the mass registration process in several scenarios with different levels of automation on the sub-processes and study the decrease of the duration or cost of sub-processes, the decrease in number of validation iterations and the improvement of public registration service transparency for the citizens.

We will conduct several demonstrations using own software suite for cadaster in order to explore the features and benefits of such products.

Mihnea Mihailescu has been building and implementing cadaster and land management systems and products for the past 9 years, working for IBM and Teamnet Group in Romania.
Mihnea has more than 10 years of project and program management experience in a variety of projects: integrated systems implementation, consultancy, custom software development and outsourcing.
Mihnea manages projects in both private and public sector in Romania and has also worked on international projects in The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro. The industry verticals he worked for include: public sector, retail, education and automotive.
He managed projects of more then 50 people and subcontractors from different countries and cultures of the world like Romania, India, UK and US. He is also experienced in European (Phare, FSE/FEDR) or World Bank funded projects' management.
Mihnea graduated the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 2003.