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15-06: Handbook of Geospatial Best Practices
Friday, 24/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Location: MC 8-100

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Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: geospatial, land registration, field mapping

Handbook of Geospatial Best Practices for Land Governance

Stephen Calder

Adam Smith International, Ltd., United States of America

As one of the inalienable elements of land governance, anyone who works within the discipline is working within the geospatial dimension, literally and figuratively. Therefore, land administration professionals should be conversant in it properties; capable in the collection, storage and manipulation, and proper application of geospatial information.

This paper serves to introduce a handbook for land administration professionals, especially those involved in intervention work in developing nations. There are many textbooks on mapping and surveying and geospatial analysis, but this writing is specifically for land administrators and international development professionals.

The intention of the handbook is to impart competence and professionalism in the geospatial aspect of land governance; to provide the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out spatial positioning and the reporting of and handling of geographic data.