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Session Overview
09-02: Doing Business: Quality of Land Administration
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Sylvia Solf, World Bank, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121


ID: 1009 / 09-02: 1
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Academic research on land governance / rigorous impact evaluations

Innovating Land Administration in Finland

Arvo Kokkonen

National Land Survey of Finland, Finland

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ID: 1057 / 09-02: 2
Invited Paper

Strengthening the Reliability of the Land Management System in Indonesia

Pelopor Yanto

National Land Agency of Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia

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ID: 1155 / 09-02: 3
Invited Paper

Improving Quality and Reliability of Land Records: Germany’s Experience

Nicola Maria Hoischen

Federal Chamber of German Civil Law Notaries, Germany

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ID: 1160 / 09-02: 4
Invited Paper

Realizing Land Administration Reforms in Punjab

Iqbal Muhammad Zafar

Punjab Land Records Authority, Pakistan

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ID: 1168 / 09-02: 5
Invited Paper

Improving Belarus’ Ranking in Doing Business’ ‘Registering Property’ Section: Experience and Broader Implications

Alesia Khadasevich

National Cadastral Agency, Belarus

Belarus joining Doing business ranking in 2005 has been a powerful boost for the rapid upgrading of the registration system. Now Belarus is placed 5th on the Doing business “Property Registration” indicator. It has became possible thanks to the following achievements:

- Time for a usual procedure has been reduced from 14 to 5 working days, average process time time is now around 2,5 days;

- Electronic archives have been created;

- Registered territory percentage has been increased from 5 to 81;

- System transparency has been improved - now the information on legal background, procedure details, registered objects and property rights to them is available to any interested party;

- etc.

National Cadastral Agency sees more ways to improve the registration system, such as:

- The procedure time could potentially be reduced to 1 day and transition to online procedures;

- 100% of Belarus’s territory is to be registered;

- All documents necessary for property registration are to be processed through the electronic document management;

- Real estate register is to be integrated with the State basic information resources.

Today Belarus aims for the first place on the Doing business “Property Registration” indicator.