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Session Overview
05-12: Helping Communities Document and Exercise their Rights
Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Joachim Knoth, European Commission, Belgium
Location: MC 9-100

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ID: 958 / 05-12: 1
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Participative Cartography in Benin

Felix Braeckman1, Hervé Dossoumou2, Egy Sossou2, Anouk Lodder1

1VNG International The Netherlands; 2VNG International Benin

Together with a team of dedicated colleagues based in Benin, Felix Braeckman manages the PFL land project funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs (Projet d’appui à la gestion Foncière au niveau Local). The project aims to introduce the new national Land Code (Code Foncier et Domanial) in the municipalities of Dogbo and Klouékanmè, which are located approximately 150 km West of Cotonou. The project’s activities involve land registration and surveying, but also awareness raising on the new legislation among local populations and supporting the municipalities in their changing institutional framework for land affairs. Local communities and municipalities play a key role in this new land code, which is why the donor entrusted this project to VNG International, the international department of the Dutch Association of Municipalities. VNG International is involved in approximately 50 projects supporting local governance, municipal service delivery and decentralisation processes in emerging and developing countries.

ID: 975 / 05-12: 2
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Academic research on land governance / rigorous impact evaluations

Registration and Release of Customary-land for Private Enterprise: Lessons from Papua New Guinea

Satish Chand

University of New South Wales, Australia


ID: 553 / 05-12: 3
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Securing land rights for equity, sustainability and resilience
Keywords: Myanmar, Mapping, Community, Tenure, Landuse

Supporting Greater Tenure Security For Community And Customary Land Rights – Lessons Learned From The Field And How Community Led Participatory Mapping Empowers Small Holder Farmers In Myanmar.

Nicholas Thomas, Thiengi May Soe, Myat Thu Aung

Tetra Tech, United States of America


ID: 522 / 05-12: 4
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Securing land rights for equity, sustainability and resilience
Keywords: Development cooperation, land rights, Norway

Norwegian Support To The Land Sector In Kyrgyzstan

Elena Busch1, Helge Onsrud1, Bakytbek Djusupbekov2

1Statens kartverk - Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norway; 2Department of Cadastre and Registration, Kyrgyzstan