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Session Overview
02-04: Towards Regional Cooperation on Land Governance in the Arab States
Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Franck Bousquet, World Bank, United States of America
Location: J B1-080

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Session Abstract

The round table "Towards a regional cooperation on land governance for promoting peace, stability and development in the Arab States" is a milestone in the regional cooperation process initiated by the Global Land Tool Network in partnership with UN-Habitat and the World Bank.

In September 2016, the Global Land Tool Network, UN-Habitat, World Bank, FAO, ILC, the Urban Training and Studies Institute and the Swiss Development Cooperation, brought together, in Amman, a group of technical experts and development partners from the Arab region to address land governance issues in the Arab region.

The expert group identified land and conflict, fit-for-purpose land administration, women access to land, management of public land, land based investments, environment and climate change as priority focus themes and  agreed on Knowledge sharing, capacity development and regional cooperation as key areas of work to promote land governance in the region

The meeting also agreed on a joint vision: “All the people in the Arab countries enjoy equal and affordable access to land, peace, stability and economic growth, to be achieved with good land policies and transparent, efficient and affordable land administration systems”.

Building on the discussions in Amman, this round table will be articulated around few key note presentations revolving around the following topics:

  1. A strategic vision for regional cooperation in the Arab Region: capacity development and knowledge sharing
  2. Country experiences showing success in translating good land registration/land administration into good land governance (land use planning, increased access to land for all, etc.)

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ID: 1099 / 02-04: 1
Invited Paper


Oumar Sylla

UN-Habitat, Kenya

ID: 1095 / 02-04: 4
Invited Paper

Challenges of Land Issues to Attract Investments in Kuwait

Hasan Ali Kamal

Municipal Council of Kuwait, Kuwait

ID: 1096 / 02-04: 5
Invited Paper

Land Systems to Promote Real Estate Investments

Sultan Alakraf

Dubai Land Department, United Arab Emirates

ID: 1135 / 02-04: 6
Invited Paper

A Strategic Vision for Regional Cooperation in the Arab Region

Georges Maarrawi

Ministry of Finance, Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)

ID: 1097 / 02-04: 7
Invited Paper

Importance of Regional Cooperation to Promote Land Governance in the Arab World

Dalal Alnaggar

National Water Research Center (NWRC), Egypt

ID: 1100 / 02-04: 8
Invited Paper


Willi Ernst Zimmermann

Consultant, Germany

ID: 1101 / 02-04: 9
Invited Paper

Conclusions and Next Steps

Wael Zakout

World Bank, United States of America