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Poster Board 01-06: Taxation and Valuation
Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017:

Location: MC Atrium

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ID: 753 / Poster Board 01-06: 1
Individual Papers
Poster Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: mass valuation methodology, market transparency

Mass Valuation for Taxation in Circumstances of Limited Market Transparency. Nigeria Case Study

Aivar Tomson

DTZ, Estonia

Poster Board 01-06-Tomson-753_paper.pdf
Poster Board 01-06-Tomson-753_ppt.pdf

ID: 948 / Poster Board 01-06: 2
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

The Requirements Of Mass Appraisal For Real Estate Valuation For Taxation And Proper Tax Administration: Land Implications In The Case Of Turkey

Harun Tanrivermis

ankara university, Turkey

Harun, has experiences and studies in area of real estate and asset valuation, land and real estate economics, risk and uncertainty management, and agricultural insurance. He, has been giving lectures in undergraduate and graduate programs, managing thesis and conducting theoretical and applied research projects in Ankara University since 1999.

Harun, involved as researcher and executive in many research and application projects supported by especially the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, State Economic Enterprises, municipalities, energy and mining companies and real estate and construction companies, and private individuals and institutions.

Harun, served as a faculty member in the Department of Agricultural Economics, between 1999-2015 period, and in the Department of Real Estate Development between 2007-2015 in Ankara University, and after November 16, 2015 he served as a faculty member in the Department Faculty of Applied Sciences, Department of Real Estate Development and Management. He is head of the Department of Real Estate Development and Management and he has been serving as dean in the Faculty of Applied Sciences since 2015.

Harun, has a Bachelor, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics (risk management, land and real estate economics and valuation) at Ankara University. He also has a M.Sc. degree in master degree on environmental management at International Technological University. He served as a research specialist and consultant real estate valuations, risk management, agricultural insurance and risk management issues in many public and private sectors projects.
Poster Board 01-06-Tanrivermis-948_paper.pdf
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ID: 478 / Poster Board 01-06: 4
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: Decentralisation, Local Governance, Property Rating, Service Delivery

Towards an Improved Local Governance and Service Delivery:Opportunities and Challenges of Property Rating in Ghana and Uganda

Derek Osei Tutu1, Simon Peter Mwesigye2

1Lands Commission, Ghana; 2UNOPS, Uganda

Poster Board 01-06-Osei Tutu-478.docx

ID: 528 / Poster Board 01-06: 5
Individual Papers
Poster Presentation
Topics: Land for infrastructure, investment, disaster risk reduction
Keywords: Infrastructure, external debt, Land values, land based instruments, Land value capture

Viability of Premiums, Annual Rents and Property Taxes as a Means of Financing Infrastructure Development in Kenya

Danson Maina, Diana Kinya

Pamoja Trust, Kenya

Poster Board 01-06-Maina-528.docx