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Session Overview
10-03: Innovation Fair: Interoperability & Land Use Applications
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
10:30am - 12:00pm

Session Chair: Alexis Smith, IMGeospatial, United Kingdom
Location: MC 2-800


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ID: 415 / 10-03: 1
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: Land, Urban, Digital Systems, 3D models, 3D processing

Next Generation Land and Urban Systems are 3D

Mika-Petteri Törhönen1, Kari Tuukkanen2

1The World Bank, United States of America; 2SITO Oy, Finland

ID: 167 / 10-03: 2
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: LADM, Fit for Purpose, Geomatics, Data, Geospatial

Combining Geomatics Technology for Successful Land Development Projects

Stephanie Michaud

Trimble Inc, United States of America

ID: 959 / 10-03: 3
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Fit For Purpose: Tools Supporting A Decentralized Infrastructure

Juerg Luethy1, Chryssy Potsiou2, Florian Bruyas3, Fridolin Wicki4, Michael Germann1

1SLM Land Management Foundation; 2International Federation of Surveyors; 3SGS Inc; 4Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo

Jürg H. Lüthy is member of the Management Board at Acht Grad Ost Inc, one of the largest geomatics companies in Switzerland. He obtained a master's degree in 1996 from Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (Switzerland) in Rural Engineering and Survey. From the same institution he holds a PhD (2007). He has many years of experience in spatial data management, transition from paper maps to data centric systems and the operation of Spatial Data Infrastructures. His current focus lies in the provision of holistic information using modern web-technologies and the transfer from practical experience with model driven SDI into the Building Information Model domain. He is the Swiss delegate to FIG Commission 3. Since 2016 he is president of Swiss Land Management Foundation.

ID: 976 / 10-03: 4
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Flexible Mobile Land Technology Applications: Demonstrations and Lessons Learned

Ioana Bouvier

US Agency for International Development, United States of America

Ioana Bouvier is a senior geospatial analyst in the Land and Urban Office at USAID. She has over 15 years of experience in applying geospatial analysis, data science and technology solutions worldwide. At USAID, Ioana leads the development of “fit-for-purpose” land technology applications that have the potential to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with land clarifying land tenure and systematic land registration. She focuses on building capacity for geospatial analysis and sustainable technology solutions that advance land and resources governance, support resilient cities and foster integrated development planning. She also uses geospatial analysis to generate and apply evidence for programs that improve land transparency, identify key rural-urban links, promote responsible land investments and safeguard vulnerable populations, and support land and resources governance for climate change, biodiversity and natural resources initiatives. Ioana has a master’s degree in Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment from Clark University, Worcester, MA and a bachelor’s degree in Geography and Environmental Science from University of Bucharest, Romania.

ID: 970 / 10-03: 5
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Agile Collaboration as the Way to Build Uganda National Land Information System

Carol Roffer, Sergiy Lizenko, Vasyl Melnychuk, Maksym Kalyta

InnoLA Solutions Inc, United States of America

President and CEO of InnoLA Solutions, Inc., developers of the InnoLA land administration software framework. Certified project manager and information technology professional with over twenty-five years in the land administration and government sectors.

ID: 972 / 10-03: 6
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Innovations for Information Integration and Data Sharing in an eGovernment Framework in Support of Integrated Land Governance

Michael Epprecht1, Vong Nanhthavong1, Cornelia Hett1, Savanh Hanaphom2, Anongsone Phommachanh3

1Centre for Development and Environmnet CDE, Lao People's Democratic Republic; 2Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos; 3Department of Land Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Laos

Michael Epprecht is a senior research fellow with the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern in Switzerland, and heads the CDE Country Office in the Lao PDR. He received a PhD in Geography from the University of Bern. His main thematic foci include research on spatial dimensions of socio-economic disparities, market integration, commercial investments in lands, and agricultural transition. Conceptually, his emphases are on developing innovative tools and dialogue platforms for cross-sectoral information integration and exchange for development analysis and planning towards linking knowledge generation with policy and development discourses. He has over twenty years of experience in development oriented research in various contexts and countries and a longstanding track record in managing large interdisciplinary and inter-cultural research and development projects in Southeast Asia and in east Africa.

ID: 120 / 10-03: 7
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Fine-scale Land Allocation Tool for Global Land Use Analysis

Jingyu Song

Purdue University, United States of America

ID: 574 / 10-03: 8
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: Urbanization, Innovation, Hackathon, Digitalization, Urban development

How To Capture Innovation And Solve The Challenges Of Urbanisation With Hackathons?

Juho Oskari Liukkonen1, Teemu Lehtinen2,3

1Sito, Finland; 2Aalto University, Finland; 3KIRA-digi project

ID: 371 / 10-03: 9
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Uncovering City Dynamics through Land Use and Land Cover Spatial Data

Jon Kher Kaw

The World Bank Group

Jon Kher Kaw is a Senior Urban Development Specialist with the Social, Urban, Resilience and Rural Global Practice at the World Bank Group, based in Washington, DC. He brings with him expertise in integrated urban planning, sustainable development and real estate economics. Prior to joining the World Bank, Jon Kher served at the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the national planning agency of Singapore where he led both the planning, design and implementation of key growth regions; as well as real estate market research and land allocation policies. He also undertook academic research and private sector work in Singapore and London, and was a founding member of an urban planning think tank in New York. Jon Kher holds a Master in Design Studies (Housing and Urbanization) from Harvard University and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University.

ID: 963 / 10-03: 10
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Improvements in City Modelling by Fusion of Airborne LiDAR and Oblique Imaging

Ronald Roth

Leica Geosystems, United States of America

Mr. Roth has had a 38-year career in the electro-optics industry and is currently Product Manager – Airborne Topographic LiDAR for Hexagon Geosystems (Leica Geosystems) Geospatial Solutions Division. Prior to its acquisition by Leica Geosystems in 2001, Ron was co-founder and Director of Business Development for Azimuth Corporation, where he managed all program, sales and marketing activities, including the development of the AeroScan Airborne LiDAR Mapping System, which later became the Leica ALS40. He provides both technical and marketing inputs for product development and design on Leica’s ALS series of airborne LiDAR, as well as managing commercial release of single-photon LiDAR.

ID: 264 / 10-03: 11
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Creating A Base Map Of Zanzibar

David Rovira

senseFly SA, Switzerland

David Rovira, senseFly Region Manager for Africa and President of Drone Adventures, an NGO that tries to bring UAV Technology closer to local communities to empower them into data collection and ownership.

ID: 964 / 10-03: 12
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

ResilienceDirect Maps - A Common Operating Picture For The United Kingdom

Benjamin Rodgers

Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom

Ben is the Resilience Lead within Ordnance Survey, Britain’s National Mapping Authority. He is responsible for the design and delivery of innovative web-based mapping and collaboration tools for Resilience users across the UK and overseas. Ben’s user-centred design approach ensures that users across multiple agencies receive the tools they need to be as efficient and effective as possible during all stages of disaster anticipation, planning, response and recovery. In 2014, Ben led the design and delivery of the ResilienceDirect Maps platform for the UK Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat. ResilienceDirect Maps is now widely used across the UK in planning and emergency response situations to provide a dynamic common operating picture across all chains of command. Prior to this, Ben worked at Deloitte, where he designed and implemented spatial mapping solutions for upstream energy companies across Europe and North America.