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Session Overview
00-01: Using Spatial Data for Land Administration
Monday, 20/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 9:30am

Session Chair: Mandi Rukuni, LGAF Technical Advisory Group, Zimbabwe
Location: Preston Auditorium

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ID: 1220 / 00-01: 1
Invited Paper

Using spatial data to assess the impact of land registration in Benin

David Daniel Koffi Tossou1, Klaus Deininger2, Ran Goldblatt3, Daniel Ayalew Ali2

1Bureau Etudes ATLAS GIS, Benin; 2World Bank, United States of America; 3UC San Diego, United States of America

ID: 1058 / 00-01: 2
Invited Paper

Using High-resolution Imagery to Improve Land Records in Indian States: Opportunities and Challenges

Shankar Nelamangala

DigitalGlobe, India

ID: 1217 / 00-01: 3
Invited Paper

Does inclusion of large farms lead to a revision of the farm size-productivity relationship: Evidence from Ethiopia

Sinafikeh Gemessa1, Daniel Ayalew Ali2, Klaus Deininger2

1‎University of Minnesota, United States of America; 2World Bank, United States of America

ID: 1065 / 00-01: 4
Invited Paper

Quantifying Extent and Impact of Large Scale Land Transfers: Evidence from Malawi’s Estate Sector

Fang Xia1, Klaus Deininger2

1University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China, People's Republic of; 2The World Bank, USA

ID: 1127 / 00-01: 6
Invited Paper

Assessing Urban Land Use in Ho Chi Minh City

Ran Goldblatt1, Kiwako Sakamoto2, Klaus Deininger2

1UC San Diego, United States of America; 2The World Bank, United States of America