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Session Overview
00-04: How Can Climate Investments Support Sustainable Land Use?
Monday, 20/Mar/2017:
1:30pm - 2:45pm

Session Chair: Ian Munro Gray, The World Bank, United States of America
Location: Preston Auditorium


Session Abstract

The way we plan and make choices for how we use land are crucially important for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and tackling climate change.  Communities and businesses must work together to meet their economic and environmental goals in an interdependent world with finite resources.  Land use affects many aspects of development and – done correctly – can be foundational to poverty eradication.  This session will look at:

  • How can climate investments help deliver multiple benefits within land use sectors?
  • How can they help unlock the power of value chains to deliver sustainable development in rural areas along with governance and livelihood benefits?
  • What are the mechanisms and incentives for governments, the private sector and communities to come together?

Join a lively conversation on what it takes to secure social, economic and environmental benefits when business, climate action and people unite for impact.  High-level experts and practitioners will share lessons based on their experience on what strategic approaches work in this complex environment. 

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The Economic Importance of Forests

Artur Cardoso de Lacerda

IADB, United States of America

Working Towards Secure Land Rights and Shared Value

Justine Sylvester

Village Focus International, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Enabling Indigenous People’s Engagment

Madhavi Pillai

The World Bank, United States of America

Forest-dependent Businesses Contribution to Forest Conservation

Rod Taylor

WRI, United States of America