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Session Overview
Smallholders and private sector working towards sustainable sugar production in India
Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017:
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Session Chair: Jose Masjuan, IFC, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121

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Promoting Smart Land and Water Use for Climate Smart Sugarcane: Focus on Smallholder Behaviour Change with a Robust Business Case

Harsh Vivek, Suparna Jain, Rajpal Singh, Richard Colback, Charles Lor, Ernest Bethe

International Finance Corporation

India is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change which threatens to push millions of smallholders back into poverty. With growing population, there is an ever-increasing competition for scarce natural resources, particularly land and water, to meet the demand for food-fibre-fodder-fuel. There is a need to support smallholders for behaviour change through capacity building to adopt climate smart agriculture practices that encourage smart land and water use, enhance on-farm resource efficiency and safeguard livelihoods from climate-related shocks.

IFC is supporting two Indian agribusiness companies to build capacity of 100,000 smallholder sugarcane farmers to adopt climate smart sugarcane cultivation practices, focused on sustainable land and water use. Since inception in 2012, the project has increased sugarcane farm yields by 20 percent, increased farm incomes by 25 percent and 75 billion litres in farm water-use avoided. The sugar companies have benefitted through improved sourcing, higher business volumes and greater farmer loyalty.

The project underscores the need for a “win-win” business case for both the farmers and the private sector that promotes smart land and water use in the commodity value-chains. Based on a robust business case, the private sector can play a leadership role in contributing to Sustainable Development Goals.

Smallholder Agri-supply Chains

Ernest Bethe

International Finance Corporation, Indonesia


Partnership Management in Agribusiness Supplychains

Harsh Vivek

International Finance Corporation, India


Good Practices for Agri-Water and Irrigation/Water Management

Richard Colback

international Finance corporation, United States of America


Agronomic Practices for Smart Land Use

Rajpal Singh

International Finance Corporation, India


Smallholder Supply-chain Development and Sustainable Resource Use: a Private Sector Perspective

Chris Brown

Olam, United Kingdom