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11-07: Harnessing the Opportunities of Big Data in Land Records
Thursday, 23/Mar/2017:
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session Chair: Maurice Barbieri, CLGE (Council of European Geodetic Surveyors), Switzerland
Location: MC C1-200

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ID: 635 / 11-07: 1
MasterClass - learning day events

Spatio-Temporal Datacubes - an Enabling Paradigm for Flexible, Standards-Based Infrastructures

Peter Baumann

Jacobs University, Germany

Peter Baumann is Professor at Jacobs University [1] and hitech founder and CEO. With his research on flexible, scalable multi-dimensional Big Datacubes he has coined the research field of Array Databases [2] and is Principal Architect of the worldwide first complete and operational Array DBMS, rasdaman [3].
Peter Baumann has authored and co-authored 120+ book chapters and papers on raster databases and related fields, and holds international patents on array databases. He is regularly invited to program committees of Big Data related conferences, and is on the board of several journals.
In RDA he is co-chairing the Big Data, Geospatial, and Array Database groups; in OGC he is co-chairing the Big Data, Coverages, and WCS group. Based on his 20 years of experience he is actively shaping Big Data standards, such as the OGC Big Geo Data suite, WCS, suite and ISO Array SQL. In recognition of his entrepreneurial work in the field he has received a series of national and international innovation awards, such as the renowned OGC Kenneth Gardels Award.
More information is available on [4].

ID: 321 / 11-07: 2
MasterClass - learning day events

The Way of Sharing Open Geospatial Data to Support the Planet’s Biggest Challenges

Luis Bermudez

OGC, United States of America

Dr. Luis Bermudez is the Executive Director of the Innovation Program at the Open Geospatial Consortium, the world leader organization focused on developing open geospatial standards that "geo-enable" the Web, wireless and location-based services and mainstream IT.

Dr. Bermudez has more than 20 years of experience in the information and technology industry including geospatial, earth informatics, sensor web, semantic web and legal information. He is Adjunct Professor in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Dr. Bermudez has a Ph.D. and M.S. in Environmental informatics from Drexel University and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the Andes University in Bogota, Colombia.

ID: 288 / 11-07: 3
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: fit-for-purpose land administration, continuum of land rights, responsible, land tools

Building Third Generation Land Tools: Its4land, Smart Sketchmaps, UAVs, Automatic Feature Extraction, and the GeoCloud

Rohan Bennett1, Markus Gerke9, Joep Crompvoets2, Serene Ho2, Angela Schwering3, Malumbo Chipofya3, Carl Schultz3, Tarek Zein4, Mireille Biraro5, Berhanu Alemie6, Robert Wayumba7, Kaspar Kundert8, Sophie Crommelinck1, Claudia Stöcker1

1University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2KU Leuven, Belgium; 3WWU University of Muenster, Germany; 4Hansa Luftbild, Germany; 5INES Ruhengeri, Rwanda; 6Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia; 7Technical University of Kenya, Kenya; 8ESRI Rwanda, Rwanda; 9Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany


ID: 973 / 11-07: 4
Innovation Fair - Lightning Talk (geospatial, cloud, data technologies)

Enabling Ecosystem of Opportunity Around Digital Land Records

Philip Auerswald

Zilla LLC

Philip Auerswald is Associate Professor, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University and Cofounder of Zilla LLC, (, a company focused on enabling opportunity around digital land records. Additionally Auerswald is author of The Code Economy: A Forty-Thousand-Year History, forthcoming from Oxford University Press in February 2017 (; Founding Executive Director, Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (; Board Chair, National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (; cofounder Policy Design Lab (; and the cofounder and coeditor of Innovations Journal (;

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