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Session Overview
08-08: Using ICT for Improving Property Tax Collection
Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Richard Grover, Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom
Location: MC C2-131

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ID: 308 / 08-08: 1
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies
Keywords: Real Estate Cadastre, Remote Sensing, Mass Valuation, GIS, Serbia

The remote sensing implication in the property mass valuation GIS in Serbia

Stojanka Brankovic

Republic Geodetic Authority, Serbia


ID: 263 / 08-08: 2
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: Own source revenue, collection, ICT, automation

The Role of ICT in delivering Revenue Collection in Developing Countries: The Tanzanian Experience

William Mccluskey1, Chyi-Yun Huang2, Patrick Doherty3, Riel Franzsen4

1African Tax Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa; 2World Bank; 3Consultant; 4African Tax Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa


ID: 668 / 08-08: 3
Individual Papers
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Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: Land governance, Property taxation, Land dispute tribunals, Municipal finance, Local governance

Land Management For Improved Dispute Resolution And Property Tax Revenue For Local Governments: Evidence From Somalia

Tefo Mooketsane

UN-Habitat, Kenya


ID: 625 / 08-08: 4
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization

Mass Valuation in a Developing Country: The Case of Chitungwiza Town in Zimbabwe

Maxwell Mutema

Independent Consultant, Zimbabwe


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