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Session Overview
08-03: Urban Expansion: Measurement Challenges and Implications for Policy
Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017:
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Chair: Anjali Mahendra, World Resources Institute, WRI, United States of America
Location: MC 2-800


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ID: 1014 / 08-03: 1
Invited Paper


Sumila Gulyani

World Bank, United States of America

ID: 929 / 08-03: 2
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Harnessing geospatial data, cloud platforms and other data technologies

The Atlas of Urban Expansion--2016 Edition: Methodology and Key Results

Shlomo Angel, Alejandro Blei, Patrick Lamson-Hall, Nicolas Galarza Sanchez

New York University, United States of America


ID: 209 / 08-03: 3
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: urban, spatial, geospatial, global, mapping

Characterizing Urban Change Using New Global Data: An Exploratory Analysis

Chandan Deuskar, Eugenie Birch

University of Pennsylvania


ID: 165 / 08-03: 4
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: urban expansion; remote sensing; informal settlements

The Policy Implications Of Varying Techniques To Identify Urban Growth Patterns From Satellite Imagery: The Example Of Informal Construction In Ho Chi Minh City, 1994-2001

Arthur Acolin, Annette Kim

University of Southern California, United States of America


ID: 329 / 08-03: 5
Individual Papers
Oral Presentation
Topics: Land and urbanization
Keywords: Latin America and Caribbean, urbanization, development, measurement error

Urbanization and Development: Is Latin America and the Caribbean Different from the Rest of the World?

Mark Roberts1, Brian Blankespoor1, Chandan Deuskar2, Benjamin Stewart1

1World Bank, United States of America; 2University of Pennsylvania


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