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Session Overview
Location: MC 2-800
Date: Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017
01-03: Inclusive Business Agreement: Are Benefits Shared?
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Frits Van Der Wal, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands, The



Doing (Inclusive) Business in Guinea Bissau: Re-activating the 1998 Land Law

Christopher Tanner1, Camille Bourguignon2

1: Consultant in land policy and rural development; 2: Senior Land Administration Specialist, the World Bank

Food security narrative and its effects on land governance: Case study of agricultural policies for oil palm in Colombia

Gina Paola Rico Mendez

Mississippi State University, United States of America

Land, Mining And Prior Consultation Of Indigenous Peoples In Peru

Gabriel Sergio Arrisueno Fajardo1, Luis Miguel Triveno Chan Jan2

1: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Peru; 2: The World Bank

Is This Really Benefit Sharing? Understanding Current Practices Around Community-Investor Agreements Tied to Land Investments

Kaitlin Cordes1, Tehtena Mebratu-Tsegaye1, Sam Szoke-Burke1, Lauren Waugh2

1: Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, United States of America; 2: International Senior Lawyers Project

02-03: Addressing Land Rights Risks in Value Chains
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Judy Beals, Oxfam, United States of America



Effective Multi-stakeholder Engagement Processes

Merrick Hoben

The Consensus Building Institute, United States of America

Land Rights in Global Value Chains

Elizabeth Fay

Cargill, United States of America

Responsible Investments and Land Rights

Mark Eckstein

CDC Group, United States of America

Expanding and Leveraging Private Sector Action on Land Rights

Donald Bryson Ogden

Rights and Resources Initiative, United States of America

Examples of NGO-private Sector Engagement from Lao PDR

Justine Sylvester

Village Focus International, Lao People's Democratic Republic

03-03: Localizing Real Rights: How to Link Registry and Cadaster?
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Nicolás Nogueroles, IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain



Introduction to State of Play

Fernando Pedro Mendez Gonzalez


HMLR Land Registry of England and Wales: A Graphic Identification without Cadastre

Alasdair Murray Lewis

HM Land Registry, United Kingdom

Economics of the Interaction between Land Registries and Cadastres

Benito Arrunada

Pompeu Fabra University, Spain

Advantages and disadvantagesof a merger organization:the case of the Kadaster- Netherlands

Willem Louwman

European Land Registry Association, Netherlands, The

04-03: Acting to Secure Community and Indigenous Land Rights
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Ruth Meinzen-Dick, IFPRI, United States of America




Ruth Meinzen-Dick

IFPRI, United States of America

Perspective from Government on Progress and Challenges of Implementing Kenya's Community Land Rights Bill

Charles Otieno Konyango

National Land Commission, Kenya

Devolving rights over forest land to communities in Indonesia

Hadi Daryanto

Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia

Perspective of Implementing Community Land Rights in Uganda

Judy Adoko

Land and Equity Movement in Uganda - LEMU, Uganda

Lessons from Programs Designed to Strengthen the Commons

Harold Liversage

International Fund for Agricultural Development, Italy

Current Research on the Commons: Topics, Methods, Insights

Steven Lawry

Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia

Concluding remarks

Cristina Timponi Cambiaghi

International Land Coalition, Italy

Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
05-03: Using Remotely Sensed Data to Improve Land Use Efficiency
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Guido Lemoine, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Italy



Tools for Improving Land Tenure Project Outcomes with Through Mobile Access to Land Management Information with the Global Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS)

Jeffrey Herrick1, Ioana Bouvier2, Jason Karl1, Brian King2, Jason Neff3

1: USDA-ARS, United States of America; 2: USAID, United States of America; 3: University of Colorado @ Boulder, United States of America

Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the agricultural sector

Sungyeop Kim

LX Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

A Space-time Analysis Approach to Tackle Some Emerging Environmental Issues

Soe Myint, Chuyuan Wang, Asif Ishtiaque

Arizona State University, United States of America

A Cost-Effective Approach to Meeting Data Needs for Multi-Purpose Land Governance in Africa

Marc Levy, Markus Walsh

Earth Institute, Columbia University, United States of America

06-03: Is there Scope for Inclusive Agribusiness Models?
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Jolyne Sanjak, Landesa, United States of America



Legal Empowerment in Agribusiness Investments

Lorenzo Cotula, Thierry Berger

IIED, United Kingdom

Land and Landscape Governance in Responsible Agri-supply chains in Africa

Julian Quan, Valerie Nelson

Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Ensuring Sustainable Agriculture Investment Through A Regional Model Contract

Carin Smaller, Mohamed Coulibaly, William Speller, Francine Picard

IISD, Switzerland

Palm Oil Financial Risks and Mitigation Tools

Gabriel Thoumi. CFA. FRM

Climate Advisers, United States of America

Delivering Transformation: The Status and Prospects of Emerging Tools to Leverage Commodity Supply Chains to Support Community Land Tenure

Donald Bryson Ogden, Andy White

Rights and Resources Initiative, United States of America

07-03: Will Drones Open Up New Ways of Mass Registration?
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: James Kavanagh, RICS, United Kingdom



Comparative Evaluation of Type-Dependent UAV Performance in High-Precision National Territorial Surveying and Spatial Information Acquisition

Jaekang Lee

LX Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)

Could We Cadaster Faster in an Integrated IT System by using UAVs with GIS Services in a Cloud Infrastructure?

Mihnea Mihailescu

Teamnet Group, Romania

Case Study On Using New Technology For The Cadastral Systematic Registration In The Republic Of Kosovo

Murat Meha, Korab Ahmetaj, Esat Xani

Kosovo Cadastral Agency, Kosovo

How the World Bank can help clients to harness the potential of drones

Joseph Muhlhausen

World Bank, United States of America

08-03: Urban Expansion: Measurement Challenges and Implications for Policy
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Anjali Mahendra, World Resources Institute, WRI, United States of America




Sumila Gulyani

World Bank, United States of America

The Atlas of Urban Expansion--2016 Edition: Methodology and Key Results

Shlomo Angel, Alejandro Blei, Patrick Lamson-Hall, Nicolas Galarza Sanchez

New York University, United States of America

Characterizing Urban Change Using New Global Data: An Exploratory Analysis

Chandan Deuskar, Eugenie Birch

University of Pennsylvania

The Policy Implications Of Varying Techniques To Identify Urban Growth Patterns From Satellite Imagery: The Example Of Informal Construction In Ho Chi Minh City, 1994-2001

Arthur Acolin, Annette Kim

University of Southern California, United States of America

Urbanization and Development: Is Latin America and the Caribbean Different from the Rest of the World?

Mark Roberts1, Brian Blankespoor1, Chandan Deuskar2, Benjamin Stewart1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: University of Pennsylvania

Date: Thursday, 23/Mar/2017
09-03: Innovation Fair: Analyzing Land Data & Data Processing
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Christoph Aubrecht, European Space Agency (ESA) & The World Bank, United States of America



Better demographic data for improved planning and problem solving in South African cities

Sophie McManus1, Peter Magni2, Geci Karuri Sebina3, Matthew Adendorff4, Richard Gevers5

1: Open Data Durban, South Africa; 2: South African Cities Network; 3: South African Cities Network; 4: Open Data Durban, South Africa; 5: Open Data Durban, South Africa A Tool for Facilitating Land Contract Disclosure

Jesse Coleman, Kaitlin Cordes, Sam Szoke-Burke

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, United States of America

Big Data Approaches to Market Analysis: SE Asian Palm Oil

Gabriel Thoumi. CFA. FRM

Climate Advisers, United States of America

Mapping Economic Indicators Using Commercial Satellite Imagery: A Case Study in Poverty Analysis of Sri Lanka to Explore Best Practices for Feature Extraction and Classification

Nick Hubing, Chris Lowe

LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC, United States of America

Software Comes and Goes, Data Stays Forever!

Arnulf Christl

Metaspatial, Germany

Combining GIS And Remote Sensing Data Using Open Source Software To Assess Natural Factors That Influence Poverty

Markus Neteler, Carmen Tawalika, Till Adams, Hinrich Paulsen

mundialis GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Walking Spatio-Temporal Datacubes - Seamlessly from Laptop to Cloud to Federations

Peter Baumann

Jacobs University, Germany

Innovative application of machine learning and AI using earth observation to provide dynamic data and actionable intelligence.

Conor Gerard Smyth, Alexis Smith Modelling Ltd, United Kingdom

High Accuracy, Low Cost Cadastral Mapping

Brent Jones

Esri, United States of America

Mapbox for Land

Mikel Maron

Mapbox, United States of America

10-03: Innovation Fair: Interoperability & Land Use Applications
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Alexis Smith, IMGeospatial, United Kingdom



Next Generation Land and Urban Systems are 3D

Mika-Petteri Törhönen1, Kari Tuukkanen2

1: The World Bank, United States of America; 2: SITO Oy, Finland

Combining Geomatics Technology for Successful Land Development Projects

Stephanie Michaud

Trimble Inc, United States of America

Fit For Purpose: Tools Supporting A Decentralized Infrastructure

Juerg Luethy1, Chryssy Potsiou2, Florian Bruyas3, Fridolin Wicki4, Michael Germann1

1: SLM Land Management Foundation; 2: International Federation of Surveyors; 3: SGS Inc; 4: Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo

Flexible Mobile Land Technology Applications: Demonstrations and Lessons Learned

Ioana Bouvier

US Agency for International Development, United States of America

Agile Collaboration as the Way to Build Uganda National Land Information System

Carol Roffer, Sergiy Lizenko, Vasyl Melnychuk, Maksym Kalyta

InnoLA Solutions Inc, United States of America

Innovations for Information Integration and Data Sharing in an eGovernment Framework in Support of Integrated Land Governance

Michael Epprecht1, Vong Nanhthavong1, Cornelia Hett1, Savanh Hanaphom2, Anongsone Phommachanh3

1: Centre for Development and Environmnet CDE, Lao People's Democratic Republic; 2: Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos; 3: Department of Land Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Laos

Fine-scale Land Allocation Tool for Global Land Use Analysis

Jingyu Song

Purdue University, United States of America

How To Capture Innovation And Solve The Challenges Of Urbanisation With Hackathons?

Juho Oskari Liukkonen1, Teemu Lehtinen2,3

1: Sito, Finland; 2: Aalto University, Finland; 3: KIRA-digi project

Uncovering City Dynamics through Land Use and Land Cover Spatial Data

Jon Kher Kaw

The World Bank Group

Improvements in City Modelling by Fusion of Airborne LiDAR and Oblique Imaging

Ronald Roth

Leica Geosystems, United States of America

Creating A Base Map Of Zanzibar

David Rovira

senseFly SA, Switzerland

ResilienceDirect Maps - A Common Operating Picture For The United Kingdom

Benjamin Rodgers

Ordnance Survey, United Kingdom

11-03: Migration and Land Tenure Dynamics
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Mathieu Boche, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France




Dilip Ratha

The World Bank, United States of America

New Drivers for Migration and Implications for Land Governance in the Global South

Saskia Sassen

Columbia University, United States of America

Connections between Conflict, Migration and Land: Lessons from the International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Peter van der Auweraert

International Organization for Migration (IOM), Switzerland

12-03: Potential and Limits of VGI
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Beckhee Cho, LX Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation, Korea, Republic of (South Korea)



Capitalizing on the Digital Dividend to Secure Land Rights

Patricia K. Mbote, Muriuki Muriungi

University of Nairobi, Kenya

Repositioning Ghana’s Land Administration in the Context of Emerging Geospatial Technologies for Land Survey- Framework to Scale Existing Legal and Policy Hurdles

Eric Yeboah1, Mark Kakraba-Ampeh2

1: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana; 2: Land Resource Management Centre, Ghana

VGI as a Starting Point for a Landscape Architecture Competition – a Case Study from the City of Vantaa in Finland

Juuso Salmu

Dimenteq Oy, Finland

Date: Friday, 24/Mar/2017
13-01: Survey Solutions CAPI/CAWI System of Mobile Data Collection
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Michael Lokshin, World Bank, United States of America

MasterClass: Survey solutions

Michael Lokshin

World Bank, United States of America

14-01: MasterClass: Adept
Location: MC 2-800
Chair: Michael Lokshin, World Bank, United States of America



MasterClass: Adept

Michael Lokshin

World Bank, United States of America

15-01: Elevating Land Rights beyond the Development Community
Location: MC 2-800

For more information or signing up, please contact


How to Elevate Land Rights Within the Development Community and Beyond: Messaging, Advocacy and Communications

Chris Jochnick1, Stephanie Keene2, Paola Totaro3, Anne Shaffer Myers4, Wael Zakout5, Neil Sorensen6, Cristina Cambiaghi7

1: Landesa, United States of America; 2: Rights and Resources Initiative, United States of America; 3: Thomson Reuters Foundation, United Kingdom; 4: Habitat for Humanity International, United States of America; 5: World Bank Group, United States of America; 6: Land Portal, The Netherlands; 7: International Land Coalition, Italy

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