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Location: Preston Auditorium
Date: Monday, 20/Mar/2017
00-01: Using Spatial Data for Land Administration
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Mandi Rukuni, LGAF Technical Advisory Group, Zimbabwe

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Using spatial data to assess the impact of land registration in Benin

David Daniel Koffi Tossou1, Klaus Deininger2, Ran Goldblatt3, Daniel Ayalew Ali2

1: Bureau Etudes ATLAS GIS, Benin; 2: World Bank, United States of America; 3: UC San Diego, United States of America

Using High-resolution Imagery to Improve Land Records in Indian States: Opportunities and Challenges

Shankar Nelamangala

DigitalGlobe, India

Does inclusion of large farms lead to a revision of the farm size-productivity relationship: Evidence from Ethiopia

Sinafikeh Gemessa1, Daniel Ayalew Ali2, Klaus Deininger2

1: ‎University of Minnesota, United States of America; 2: World Bank, United States of America

Quantifying Extent and Impact of Large Scale Land Transfers: Evidence from Malawi’s Estate Sector

Fang Xia1, Klaus Deininger2

1: University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China, People's Republic of; 2: The World Bank, USA

Assessing Urban Land Use in Ho Chi Minh City

Ran Goldblatt1, Kiwako Sakamoto2, Klaus Deininger2

1: UC San Diego, United States of America; 2: The World Bank, United States of America

00-02: Acquiring and using Land Data in Innovative Ways
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Trevor Monroe, The World Bank, United States of America



Using Drones for Mapping Zanzibar

Edward Anderson

World Bank group, Tanzania

Using Drones for Tenure Regularization and Urban Upgrading

Mamadou Baro1, Birhane Wane2

1: University of Arizona, United States of America; 2: Ministry of Housing, Urban Development, and Land-Use Management, Mauritania

The Sensors are Here! A High-Resolution Application on Understanding Individual Travel Patterns in African Cities

Nancy Lozano Gracia

World Bank, United States of America

Combining Taxi GPS Data and Open-Source Software for Evidence-Based Traffic Management and Planning

Holly Krambeck

The World Bank, United States of America

Using Remotely Sensed Land Use Data to Improve Public Sector Governance: The Example of Road Investments

Kai Kaiser

The World Bank, United States of America

00-03: Land Governance Monitoring and Impact Assessment
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Issa Faye, African Development Bank, Tunisia



Process and Content of Ukraine's Land Governance Monitoring and Its Relevance for Land Policy Reform

Maksym Martynyuk1, Denys Nizalov2, Denis Bashlyk3

1: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ukraine; 2: University of Kent, United Kingdom; 3: Stategeocadastre, Ukraine

Moving towards real-time land governance monitoring in a decentralized setting: Rwanda's experience

Nishimwe Marie Grace1, Thierry Ngoga2, Solomon Kyewalabye3

1: Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, Rwanda; 2: LGAF, United Kingdom; 3: Consultant, Uganda

Using Satellite imagery to improve revenue collection in Kigali

Daniel Ayalew Ali

World Bank, United States of America

00-04: How Can Climate Investments Support Sustainable Land Use?
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Ian Munro Gray, The World Bank, United States of America



The Economic Importance of Forests

Artur Cardoso de Lacerda

IADB, United States of America

Working Towards Secure Land Rights and Shared Value

Justine Sylvester

Village Focus International, Lao People's Democratic Republic

Enabling Indigenous People’s Engagment

Madhavi Pillai

The World Bank, United States of America

Forest-dependent Businesses Contribution to Forest Conservation

Rod Taylor

WRI, United States of America

00-05: Strengthening Rights for Indigenous Peoples
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Maninder Gill, World Bank, United States of America



Introductory Remarks

Maninder Gill

World Bank, United States of America

Strengthening Indigenous PeoplesParticipation in Peru using the DGM Approach

Stamatis Kotouzas

World Bank Group, United States of America

Presentation of Inspection Panel Case

Gonzalo Castro de la Mata

The World Bank, United States of America


Anna Autio

The World Bank, United States of America

Closing Remarks

Luis Felipe Duchicela

World Bank, United States of America

00-11: Opening Session: Monitoring Land Use Change: From Pretty Pictures to Policy Action
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Karin Erika Kemper, The World Bank, United States of America



The Power of Information: How Data on Changes in Forest Cover can Help Policy Makers, Civil Society, and the Private Sector

Matthew Hansen

University of Maryland, United States of America

Linking Land Use and Land Rights: How Brazil’s Environmental Registry Helps Advance Sustainable Land Management

Izabella Teixeira

Ministry of the Environment, Brazil

Harnessing Open Data to Drive Change: From Local Advocacy to Global Agreements

Andrew Steer

World Resources Institute, United States of America

Date: Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017
01-01: Guarding against Land-Related Corruption
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Meredith Ogilvie-Thompson, ISLP, United States of America



Transparency International - Land Corruption in Africa - Finding Evidence, Triggering Change

Annette Maria Jaitner, Rute Caldeira

Transparency International Secretariat, Germany

Women, Land and Corruption in Ghana- Findings from a Baseline Survey

Eric Yeboah2, Mary Awelana Addah1, Michael Henchard Okai1

1: Transparency International - Ghana Integrity Initiative, Ghana; 2: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technoogy

"The Impact Of Poor Land Governance In the Reduction Of Rural Poverty In Cameroon"

Nyassi Tchakounte Lucain

Transparency International Cameroon, Cameroon

Developing Land Information Management System (LIMS) for County Governments in Kenya.

Lizahmy Ntonjira

The Technical univesity of Kenya, Kenya

02-01: Private Sector Business Models in Land Administration
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Alasdair Murray Lewis, HM Land Registry, United Kingdom



Public-Private Partnerships as a Tool to Promote Sustainable Land Administration: Cabo Verde as a Promising Candidate in a Development Context

Ian Rose1, Richard Baldwin2

1: DAI, United Kingdom; 2: DAI, United Kingdom

LRA's Geo-Spatial Systems and Databases

Robert Nomar Leyretana

Land Registration Authority, Philippines

Registry Cadastre Services Decentralization In The Property Management System In Honduras

Dilma Ortega, Roman Alvarez

Programa de Administración de Tierras de Honduras PATH, Honduras

00-12: Plenary: Land Policy Options for Sustainable Urbanization
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez, World Bank, United States of America

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More Revenue Mobilization by Strengthening Land Administration in Kampala

Jennifer Semakula Musisi

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda

Drawing Lessons from the Brazil Slum Upgrading Program Minha Casa, Minha Vida

Ines Silva

The World Bank, United States of America

Role of Land Policy in Financing Johannesburg Urban Development

Yondela Silimela

City of Johannesburg, South Africa

Land Value Capture for Urban Revival: The Case of Shenzen

Yu-Hung Hong

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

03-01: “One-Map” Policies in Asia
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Mika-Petteri Törhönen, The World Bank, United States of America



One Map Policies in Asia, with reference to Indonesia

Mika-Petteri Törhönen

The World Bank, United States of America

OneMap Myanmar – Enabling a Multi-stakeholders Environment for the Coproduction of Data, Information and Knowledge on Land

Joan Bastide1, U Shwe Thein2, Andreas Heinimann1

1: Centre for Development and Environment - University of Bern; 2: Land Core Group

Cross-Sectoral Information Integration and Sharing in an eGovernment Framework Supporting Integrated Land Development Planning

Michael Epprecht1, Vong Nanhthavong1, Cornelia Hett1, Savanh Hanaphom3, Anongsone Phommachanh2

1: Centre for Development and Environmnet CDE, Office in the Lao People's Democratic Republic; 2: Department of Land Administration, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Laos; 3: Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Laos

04-01: Global Status of Quality of Land Regulation in 2016
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Chris Jochnick, Landesa, United States of America



Approach to Global Indicators

Augusto Lopez Claros

World Bank, United States of America

Expanding the Property Module in Doing Business

Rita Ramalho, Adrian Gonzalez

World Bank, United States of America

Next Phase for Enabling the Business of Agriculture

Federica Saliola

World Bank, United States of America

Piloting the Land Component in EBA

Klaus Deininger

World Bank, United States of America

Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
05-01: Investing in the Commons: Choices and Consequences
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Lorenzo Cotula, IIED, United Kingdom

Translation French, Streaming.


Lessons from Investing in Land-based Commons by the French Technical Committee on Land Tenure and Development (CTFD)

Sigrid Aubert1, Mathieu Boche2

1: CIRAD, France; 2: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France

The Commons in the Tonle Sap Flood Plain: Insights from community fisheries management

Jean-Christophe Diepart1, Il Oeur2, Marie Mellac3

1: Mekong Region Land Governance; 2: Analyzing Development Issues Centre; 3: French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) - UMR Passage

Uneasy Relationship between Co-management (involving state agents) and Commons Management

Sigrid Aubert

CIRAD, France

Benefits Derived from Official Recognition of the Commons by the State and Central Authorities

Saïd Mahamoudou1, El Haj Faye2, Dauod Abkula3

1: Comores; 2: Senegal; 3: Kenya

06-01: Implementing the AU Declaration on Land at Country Level
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Mamta Murthi, World Bank, United States of America

Translation French, Streaming.


How Land Issues Will be Addressed in AUC’s 4-year Business Plan

Godfrey Bahiigwa

African Union Commission, Ethiopia

NEPAD’s Contribution to Implementing Evidence-driven Land Policy at Country Level

Estherine Lisinge Fotabong

NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, South Africa

Harnessing the Potential of Land Policy for Madagascar's Development

Narson Rafidimanana

Ministry of State for Presidential Projects, Country Planning and Equipment, Madagascar

Using Land Policy as an Engine for Rural Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for Implementing Malawi's Land Acts

Charles Msosa

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Malawi

AFDB's contribution to addressing land issues in support of agricultural development

Issa Faye, Chiji Ojukwu, Rose Mwebaza

African Development Bank

00-14: Plenary: Harnessing the Potential of New Data
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Steven Ramage, Group on Earth Observations (GEO), France

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New Opportunities to Access High Resolution Imagery for Affordable Cadastral Mapping

Kumar Navulur

DigitalGlobe, United States of America

How the Microsatellite Revolution can Help Developing Countries Achieve the SDGs

Andrew Zolli

Planet, Inc., United States of America

Supporting the EO r/evolution at scale - shifting the focus from data to services

Christoph Aubrecht1,2

1: European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN), Italy; 2: The World Bank, United States of America

How the Bank can help its clients to better access and use spatial data

Keith Patrick Garrett

The World Bank, United States of America

What is Google Earth Engine?

Nicholas Clinton

Google, United States of America

07-01: Land Policy Lessons from the 2017 WDR: Governance & the Law
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Phillip Jeremy Hay, World Bank, United States of America

Translation French, Streaming.


Lessons from WDR 2017 on Producing Better Governance Outcomes: Commitment, Coordination and Cooperation

Edouard Al-Dahdah

World Bank, United States of America

Improving Land Administration for Good Governance: What Uganda can do to Achieve Complete Coverage

Betty Amongi

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, -

Land as a Key for Better Governance and Economic Growth in Tanzania: Perspective and Recent Initiatives

Yamungu Kayandabila

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development, Tanzania

Leveraging Land Governance for Sustainable Urbanization: Improving the Quality of Land Administration

Mohamed Aly Bathily

Ministère des Domaines de l'Etat et des Affaires Foncières au Mali, Mali

Implementing Land and Cadaster Reforms in Colombia

Manuel Fernando Castro Quiroz

National Planning Department (DNP), Colombia

08-01: Lessons from a Decade of Large Scale Land-Based Investments
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Mathieu Boche, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France



The global land rush 10 years on: Taking stock of commercial pressures on land

Lorenzo Cotula, Thierry Berger

IIED, United Kingdom

International Land Deals for Agriculture. Fresh insights from the Land Matrix: Analytical Report II

Kerstin Nolte1, Wytske Chamberlain2, Markus Giger3

1: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Germany; 2: University of Pretoria; 3: University of Bern

Sustainable livelihoods in the global land rush? Archetypes of livelihood vulnerability and sustainability potentials

Christoph Oberlack, Laura Tejada, Peter Messerli, Stephan Rist, Markus Giger

University of Bern, Switzerland

Pre-Launch of the Africa Land Advisory Group. Special Guest: His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Former President of Nigeria
Location: Preston Auditorium

By invitation only. For more information please contact: Margaret Rugadya at 

Date: Thursday, 23/Mar/2017
09-01: Making Housing More Affordable and Resilient
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Anna Wellenstein, World Bank, United States of America

Translation Spanish, Streaming.


From Supply-side to Demand-side Housing Subsidies in Argentina

Tomás Bibiloni

Ministry of the Interior, Public Works and Housing, Argentine Republic

From Conflict to Peace: Land and Housing Policies to Accompany the Peace Process in Colombia

Alejandro Quintero

Ministry of Housing / National Housing Fund, Colombia

From Opacity to Transparency: Rebuilding Trust in Housing Policies in Guatemala

Carlos Barillas

Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing, Guatemala

From Land Formalization to Affordable Housing: Redesigning Housing Policies in Peru

Carmen Cecilia Lecaros Vértiz

Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Peru

Land and Resilient Housing Challenges in Paraguay

Maria Soledad Nunez Méndez

National Secretariat of Housing and Habitat, Paraguay

Vivienda Adecuada y Asequible - Aprendizajes de la Política Habitacional Chilena

Victor Cardenas

Housing and Urbanization Services

Housing Challenges in Mexico

Jorge Wolpert

CONAVI, Mexico

Building Resilience: One House at a Time

Alison Gajadhar

Ministry for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Saint Lucia

Concluding Remarks

Maximo Torrero

The World Bank, United States of America

10-01: Using Administrative Data for Land Governance Monitoring
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Nicolás Nogueroles, IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

Translation Spanish, Streaming.


Fostering Dialogue and Understanding Through the 'Review of Land Administration: Regional and Global Perspectives'

Nicolás Nogueroles

IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

Social and Economic Benefits from Integrating Registry and Cadaster: Evidence from Administrative Data

Oscar Rodríguez Sánchez, Luis Jimenez Sancho

Land Registry, Costa Rica

How Administrative Data Can Inform Policy and Research: Evidence from Mexico

Maria Elena Garcia Flores

Federal Registry of Public Land, Mexico

Challenges and Potential for Assessing Progress in Colombia's Land Restitution Challenge: How the Registry Can Help

Jorge Enrique Velez

Land Regularization and Restituttion, Colombia


Sultan Alakraf

Dubai Land Department, United Arab Emirates


Alasdair Murray Lewis

HM Land Registry, United Kingdom

11-01: Progress with Responsible Investment Pledges
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Mark Constantine, International Finance Corporation, United States of America



Assessing Company Progress with Implementing the New York Declaration on Forests

Jillian Gladstone

CDP North America, United States of America

Inclusive Business in Agriculture: Questions, Leverage Points and State of the Debate

Laura German

University of Georgia, United States of America

Territorial governance in the era of corporate commitments to sustainability: Are new approaches able to reconcile sustainable commodity supply and fair partnerships in Brazil and Indonesia?

Pablo Pacheco

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia

Commercial forest plantations in a landscape approach: The case of the Zambezia Landscape Program, Mozambique

Andre Aquino

World Bank, Mozambique

12-01: Using Remotely Sensed Data to Improve Urban Planning
Location: Preston Auditorium
Chair: Suzanne Hopkins, Thomson Reuters, United States of America



Using Satellite Data for Improved Urban Development

Thomas Haeusler, Sharon Gomez, Fabian Enßle

GAF AG, Germany

Cost Effective Building Capture at Continental Scale Using Satellite Imagery and Automatic Feature Extraction

Dan Paull, Martin Rose

PSMA Australia, Australia

Understanding the Urban Story using Earth Observation

Elke Kraetzschmar, Rainer Malmberg

IABG mbH, Germany

Exploiting Deep Learning and Volunteered Geographic Information for Large-Scale Building Mapping

Jiangye Yuan

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United States of America

Closing Plenary: Closing Plenary
Location: Preston Auditorium



Lessons Learned and Next Steps

Ana Revenga

The World Bank, United States of America

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