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Location: J 1-050
Date: Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017
01-05: Land Policies in Francophone West Africa
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Rivo Andrianirina - Ratsialonana, Land Observatory Madagascar, Madagascar

Translation French,


What Prospects for a New Land Policy in DRC?

Andre Teyssier1, Floribert Nyamwoga2

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Ministry of Land Affairs, DRC

Large Scale Land Leases : A Rural Communities' Business

Ndeye Coura Diop, Alain Diouf, Pape Samba Ndiaye, Aliou Bassoum, André Teyssier

PDIDAS, Senegal

The Apology Of The Right To Exploit Rural Land By The “Land And Federal Code” In Benin

Jean Aholou

AFC, Benin

Using LGAF to Develop Land Policy in Mali

Moussa Djiré

Bamako University of Legal and Political Sciences, Mali

02-05: Do We Need New Institutions to Implement African Land Policies?
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Andre Teyssier, World Bank, United States of America

Translation French,


Institutional reform to implement the new land policy in Rwanda

Nishimwe Marie Grace

Rwanda Natural Resources Authority, Rwanda

Establishment of the Agence Nationale du Domaine et du Foncier in Benin

Alain Atchade

Agence Nationale du Domaine et du Foncier (ANDF), Benin

Policy and Institutional Reform in Mali

Checkine Mamadou Dieffaga

secretariat permanent de la reforme domaniale et fonciere au Mali, Mali

Policy and Institutional Reform in Mauritania

Mamadou Baro

University of Arizona, United States of America

Institutional developments in Madagascar Land Sector

Rivo Andrianirina - Ratsialonana

Land Observatory Madagascar, Madagascar

03-05: Building Institutions for Land Administration Services
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Stig Enemark, Aalborg University, Denmark

Institutional Reform as a Key Driver in the Delivery of Modern Land Administration

Peter Ritchie

GIS Transport, Nigeria

The National Spatial Data Infrastructure of Zambia

Shlomo Sivan

Sivan Design D.S. Ltd, Israel

Establishing A Delivery Unit For Land Administration- How To Deliver Land Administration Services In Developing Countries, Sustainably And To Scale.

Owen Edwards

Private Individual, United States of America

Conceptual Modelling Of Information System Process To Design Tech Solutions To Fight Land Corruption Through Transparency International's Land and Corruption In Africa Programme

Jean Brice Tetka, George Anadiotis, Andrea Staeritz

Transparency International-Secretariat, Germany

04-05: Mobile Technologies to Scale Up Land Data Collection
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Collins Odote, University of Naiorbi, Kenya

Embracing the Rubber-Boot Approach to Securing Customary Land Rights with focus on Low-Cost Land-Use Inventory

Tobias Bendzko1, Prince Donkor Ameyaw1, Uchendu Eugene Chigbu1, Walter Timo de Vries1, Derek Osei Tutu2

1: Chair of Land Management, Technical University Munich; 2: Public and Vested Land Management Division, Lands Commission. Accra-Ghana

From Squatter Farmers To Tenant Farmers: Application Of Low Cost Geo-Spatial Technologies in Kalangala

Richard Kabuleta1, Connie Masaba1, Danilo Antonio2, Samuel Mabikke2, Solomon Mkumbwa2, Harold Liversage3

1: Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, Uganda; 2: UN-Habitat/GLTN; 3: IFAD

Scalability of Forest Land Mapping Interventions Undertaken Using GIS Technology in Context of Up-Scaling Implementation of Forest Rights Act in India – Emerging Evidence from the Ground

Ruchika Singh

World Resources Institute India

Date: Wednesday, 22/Mar/2017
05-05: Can Legal Provisions Help Increase Gender Equality?
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Benedicte Leroy De La Briere, World Bank, United States of America

The Role of Legal Professions in Addressing Gender Equality in Land Ownership, Cases from the Office a Public Notary in Albania

Adela Llatja1, Elona Saliaj2

1: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Albania; 2: Public Notary

Gender Equality and Women's Rights: The Essential Role of the Notaire in Implementing and Diffusing the De Jure Law

Edith Vezina1,2

1: International Union of Notaries; 2: Sherbrooke University

Land and Gender in the Western Balkans: Understanding Customs and People’s Lives to Achieve the SDGs

Margret Vidar1, Adela Llatja2, Rumyana Tonchovska1, Christopher Will2

1: FAO, Italy; 2: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Germany

Women’s Rights To Land And Property In Kenya

Pauline Musangi

Hakijamii, Kenya

06-05: Ensuring Land Policy's Contribution to Gender Equality
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Vinodh Jaichand, Independent, South Africa

The Policy Response to Women’s Entitlement to Land: Implementation Gradualism in the Limits of Social Norms

Govind Kelkar, Shipra Deo

Landesa, India, India

Gender Equality - Goal or Tool?

Kent Johan Ronny Nilsson1, Maria Lodin2

1: Lantmäteriet, Sweden (The Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority); 2: Kartverket, Norway (The Norwegian Mapping Authority)

Political Economy of Land Governance and Women’s Empowerment – The Case of Meghalaya

Sanjukta Roy

The World Bank, India

Claiming And Realizing Right To Land: Can Development Organizations Address The Gender Disparities In Bangladesh?

Ferdous Jahan1, Sharif Wahab2

1: University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; 2: Ohio University, USA

07-05: Avenues to Enhance Women's Land Ownership
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Julian Quan, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Securing the Land Rights of Poor and Women through Provision of Legal Services to Address Their Land Problems

Somdatta Mandal, Naveen Kumar

Landesa/ Rural Development Institute, India

Securing land rights for widows living with and affected by HIV using customary justice structures

Gina Alvarado Merino1, Allan Maleche2

1: International Center for Research on Women, United States of America; 2: Kenya Ethical and Legal Issues Network on HIV and AIDS

Namibia: Good Practices and Lessons Learned for Gender and Communal Land

Hirut Girma

Landesa, United States of America

Women’s Knowledge and Perception towards their Land and Property Rights Across Bombali, Portloko And Tonkolili Districts In Northern Region, Sierra Leone.

Joseph Saffa, Mohamed Sorie Conteh, Lansana Hassan Sowa

Sierra Leone Network on the Right to Food (SiLNoRF), Sierra Leone

08-05: How to Ensure Gender Equality in Access to Communal Lands?
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Margaret Buck Holland, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, United States of America

A Comparative Analysis of National Laws Recognizing Women’s Rights To Community Forests in the Developing World

Stephanie Keene, Chloe Ginsburg

Rights and Resources Initiative, United States of America

Changing Form and Content of Women’s Land Rights under Customary Tenure: Is Registration or Titling an Opportunity?

Herbert Kamusiime1, Eddie Nsamba-Gayiiya2, Christine Kajumba1

1: Associates Research Uganda; 2: Consultant Surveyors and Planners, Uganda

Gender and Collectively Held Land: Good Practices and Lessons Learned from Six Global Case Studies

Renee Giovarelli1,2, Amanda Richardson1,2, Elisa Scalise1,2

1: Resource Equity, United States of America; 2: Landesa, United States of America

Collective Land Tenure in Colombia: Current State and Prospective Challenges

Marco Alberto Velásquez Ruiz

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

Date: Thursday, 23/Mar/2017
09-05: Dealing with the Far-Reaching Impacts of Land Access
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Alda Salomao, CENTRO TERRA VIVA, Mozambique

Land, Inequality and Power in Latin America

Stephanie Burgos1, Arantxa Guereña2

1: Oxfam America, United States of America; 2: Independent Consultant

Land Markets in FARC Territory: Access to Land in Post-conflict Colombia

Camilo Pardo1, Ivonne Moreno2

1: George Mason University, United States of America; 2: World Bank

The Determinants of Land-Grabbing in the Colombian Civil War: A Preliminary Analysis

Camilo Pardo

George Mason University, United States of America

Land Inequality in Brazil

Gustavo Ferroni

Oxfam, Brazil

10-05: Policies for Low Density Cities
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Anna Wellenstein, World Bank, United States of America

Urban Land Management for Sustainable Development in Riyadh, KSA

Olga Kaganova, Annie Bidgood, Ellen Hamilton, Fuad Malkawi

World Bank, United States of America

Transforming Riyadh from Challenges to Urban Policies Actions: A Planning Perspective

Ibrahim Fahad I Aleid, Abdulrahman Abdullah A Alsultan

Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia

A Land Administration Perspective

Mohammed Al Rajhi

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Saudi Arabia

A Municipality Perspective

Osama Al-Bar

City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia

11-05: Reconciliation over Land Rights in Post-Conflict Settings
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Susan Mbaya, Sue Mbaya and Associates, South Africa

The Politics of Institutional Proliferation and the Management of Repatriation-induced Land Disputes in Post-war Burundi

Rosine Tchatchoua-Djomo

African Studies Centre Leiden, The Netherlands

Conflict Dynamics of Dual Land Administration in Karen State/Kawthoolei of Myanmar

SiuSue Mark

International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University, The Hague, Netherlands

Land and Conflict in Myanmar

Francesca Marzatico

Palladium , Myanmar

12-05: Post-Conflict Policies for Land Governance
Location: J 1-050
Chair: Victoria Stanley, World Bank, United States of America

Inclusive Urbanization through Evidence Based Advocacy & Innovative Approaches to Tenure Security for the Displaced in Afghanistan’s Cities

Marcus Tudehope, Depika Sherchan, Azima Roya

UN Habitat Afghanistan, Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of

Overcoming Obstacles To Land Registration Reform In Bosnia-Herzegovina Through Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation

Sean Parramore

Queen Mary University of London, Belgium

Protecting Future Rights for Future Citizens: Children’s Property Rights in Complex Emergencies

Sandra Joireman

University of Richmond, United States of America

Date: Friday, 24/Mar/2017
13-13: Experience from Russian Land Administration Reform
Location: J 1-050

Translation Russian, Masterclass by Rosreestr- Russian registry 


Experience sharing Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr)

Konstantin Koltoniuk

Rosreestr, Russian Federation

14-13: Land policy reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Location: J 1-050

Progress and outlook of land reform and land use policy in RDC -I

Floribert Bayengeha Nyamwoga

D.R. CONGO OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

15-12: Land policy reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Location: J 1-050

Progress and outlook of land reform and land use policy in RDC –I

Floribert Bayengeha Nyamwoga

D.R. CONGO OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT, Congo, Democratic Republic of the

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