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01-02: Political and Economic Challenges of Land Policy Reform
Tuesday, 21/Mar/2017:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: Denis Boskovski, World Bank, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121

Translation Ukranian, VC; Streaming.

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ID: 1139 / 01-02: 1
Invited Paper

Challenges Faced in Implementing Land Market Reform in Ukraine and Ways to Overcome Them

Maksym Martynyuk1, Denis Bashlyk2

1Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ukraine; 2Stategeocadastre, Ukraine

To be completed

ID: 1143 / 01-02: 2
Invited Paper

Land Governance Monitoring as a Key Element of Land Market Reform: Deign, Key Insights, and Implications for Moving Forward

Denys Nizalov1, Klaus Deininger2

1University of Kent/ KEI at KSE, United Kingdom; 2The World Bank, United States of America

To be completed

ID: 1140 / 01-02: 3
Invited Paper

Where Will Demand for Land Come From? Evidence from Farm Models

Oleg Nivievskyi1, Heinz Strubenhoff2

1Kyiv Economic Institute/ Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine; 2IFC, United States of America

Farmland market in Ukraine is not fully functional due to the farmland sales ban or moratorium that effectively prohibits sales transactions for over 15 years already. Yet under the pressure of economic hardship and badly needed investments in the country and to some extend under the pressure from international donors, the moratorium is expected to be lifted from 2018. One of the important parameters of the future farmland sales market is a potential demand. Its estimate will help to analyse a potential price development over the initial period after lifting moratorium, an extend of needed market restrictions and potential demand for financial resources from the banking sector. In this paper we try to estimate a potential farmland demand from agricultural producers using two approaches: 1) by using recent farm surveys, and 2) farm level performance data for a population of agricultural producers in Ukraine for 2013-2015. Both approaches demonstrate rather close results.

ID: 1141 / 01-02: 4
Invited Paper

Long Term Land Financing Requirements in Ukraine

Leah Soroka

IFC, World Bank Group

The government is considering removing the moratorium on the sale of land. The buying and selling of agriculture land requires access to significant amounts of financing. Therefore, the sale of agriculture land could be a game changer in the development of the agriculture and banking sectors of Ukraine. The presentation describes opportunities and challenges which arise for the land market in case the moratorium is lifted.

ID: 1142 / 01-02: 5
Invited Paper

Demystifying Land Reform in Ukraine by Improving Public Awareness

Olexandr Kaliberda

Chemonics International, Ukraine

To be completed

ID: 1087 / 01-02: 6
Invited Paper

Creation of National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Ukraine: Implementation of Projects, Financed by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Dmytro Makarenko, Oleksandr Maliuk

State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Ukraine

In 2013 the State Land Cadastre System was launched in Ukraine with support of the World Bank. Following best international approaches and in order to ensure effective use of geographical information, avoid duplication of expenses for its creation and maintenance and for preventing or reaction to natural disasters StateGeoCadastre initiated the creation of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in Ukraine – the system, which will combine layers with different geospatial information and give access to all geospatial data, which are available in the country, via Geoportal. In 2015 StateGeoCadstre with support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) launched the project “Creation of NSDI in Ukraine”, which is aimed on creation of Prototype of National Spatial Data Infrastructure on the pilot area. The pilot territory is 1000 sq. km. (Vinnytsia region, Ukraine), the territory of NSDI prototype is 11 sq. km. The interim results of the project, further plans for NSDI development will be covered during the presentation.

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