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14-02: New Approaches to Land Tenure Improvement in Latin America
Thursday, 17/Mar/2016:
2:45pm - 4:15pm

Session Chair: Mike Mora, Organization of American States, United States of America
Location: MC 13-121

Session in Spanish with Portuguese  translation

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Experiencias en titulación de tierras mediante el uso de Tecnologias Modernas .

Ruddy Arturo Rezza Sulca


Rezza Sulca-655-655_paper.docx
Rezza Sulca-655-655_ppt.ppt

Improving Land Administration in Brazil - from Rural to National Cadastre

Thiago Marra1,2, Kilder Barbosa1,2, Oscar Oliveira1,2, Eduardo Aguilar de Oliveira2

1National Institute of Land Reform and Colonizaton - INCRA, Brazil; 2Ministry of Agrarian Development - MDA, Brazil


Ethnic land restitution in Colombia: a contribution for peace in rural areas

Claudia Mejia, Luis Azcarate

Afro-Colombia and Indigenous Program (ACIP), ACDIVOCA - Colombia


Costs of fragile property rights in Brazilian forestall sector: diagnosis and some propositions based on concrete experiences

Bastiaan Philip Reydon1, Caroline Graça2, Andreia Marques Postal1, Ana Paula S. Bueno1, Glaciele Leardine1

1UNICAMP, Brazil; 2PENSA, USP, Brazil


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