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Date: Tuesday, 15/Mar/2016
01-08: Strategies for Preventing Fragmentation and Promoting Consolidation
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Christian Graefen, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Germany

Small Farms and Agricultural productivity in Nigeria: Empirical Analysis of the Effects of land tenure, fragmentation and property rights.

Temidayo Apata, Akintayo Sanusi, Victor Olajorin

Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Nigeria, Nigeria

Land consolidation in Central and Eastern Europe - Integration with local rural development needs

Morten Hartvigsen

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Hungary

Strengthening Municipal Land Management in Southeast Serbia – Key Findings for Implementing Land Consolidation at a Bigger Scale

Michael Becker

GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Serbia

Agricultural Land Fragmentation Problems In Turkey

Yasemin Sürmeli, Gürsel Küsek, Burak Keser

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, General Directorate of Agrarian Reform, Ankara, Turkey

02-08: Rental Markets I
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Tajamul Haque, Council for Social Development and LANDESA, New Delhi, India

Inequalities in Land ownership affecting Youth in Agriculture: A study of Bolivia, Brazil and Liberia

Cheryl Angela Williams, Gipsy Eliana Bocanegra Ochoa

Texas Tech University, United States of America

Property Rights Insecurity, Land Transaction Restriction and Welfare Loss: an Empirical Evidence from Specialized Farmers in China

Jianyun Hou1,2, Xuexi Huo1

1: Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University; 2: Michigan State University

Land Markets and Women's Land Access in Northwestern Tanzania

Ayala Wineman, Lenis Saweda Liverpool-Tasie

Michigan State University, United States of America

Land Market Dynamics On An Expanding Frontier: Investment In Brazil

Vitor Bukvar Fernandes1, Bastiaan Philip Reydon1, Guilherme Berse Rodrigues Lambais2, Luiz Antonio Besson Vezzaro Izidoro1

1: Department of Economics, University of Campinas, Brazil; 2: Department of Economics, University of Brasília, Brazil

03-08: Rental Markets II
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Jean-Philippe Colin, IRD, Algeria

Transactions Costs in Land Rental Markets and Their Impact on Youth Access to Agriculture.

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert1, Jordan Chamberlin2

1: Purdue University, United States of America; 2: CIMMYT, Ethiopia

Do Profi table Farmers Acquire More Land? An Analysis of Dynamics of Profi t Growth and Land Accumulation

Xin Li

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States of America

Land Access, Land Rental Markets and Rural Poverty Dynamics in Tigray Region of Ethiopia: Panel Data evidence using Survival Models

Hosaena Ghebru1, Stein Holden2

1: International Food Policy Research Institute, United States of America; 2: Center of Land Tenure Studies, Norway

Estimating the Factors Driving Farm Land Rental Prices in sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Malawi

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert1, Jordan Chamberlin2, Nicole Mason3

1: Purdue University, United States of America; 2: International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; 3: Michigan State University, United States of America

04-08: Models of Large Scale Investment II
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Frits Van Der Wal, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands, The

The political economy of natural resource investments in sub-Saharan Africa: Land and petroleum sector rights in Tanzania

Rasmus Hundsbæk Pedersen

DIIS, Denmark

Spatialized Production Models For Sustainable Palm Oil in Central Africa: Choices And Potentials

Laurene Feintrenie1, Laurent Gazull1, Robin Goulaouic2, Ludovic Miaro III3

1: CIRAD, UR B&SEF, Montpellier, France; 2: Independent GIS specialist, Nantes, France; 3: WWF Regional Office for Africa, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Can International Investment Treaties Affect Local Land Rights?

Lorenzo Cotula, Thierry Berger

IIED, United Kingdom

Crafting Regulation to Support Sustainable Partnerships Between Smallholders and Agro-enterprises

Virgilio delos Reyes1, Jane Lynn Capacio2

1: Republic of the Philippines Department of Agrarian Reform, Philippines; 2: Land Bank of the Philippines

05-08: Challenges of Land Use and Forest Tenure Reform
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Camilla Toulmin, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), United Kingdom

Ethiopia's Land Use And Forest Management From The Sight Of Land Governance

Zerfu Hailu Gebrewold

NIRAS, Ethiopia

Enhancing tenure security for local development through legal recognition and scaling up of participatory mapping of community forests under customary lands in Mangochi District in Malawi

Solomon Mkumbwa1, Chris Dhose2, Arthur Stevens3, Harold Liversage4, Clement Chilima5, Samuel Mabikke1, Hellen Nyamweru1, Marie Providence Mugangu1, Chikosa Silungwe1

1: GLTN/UN-HABITAT, Kenya; 2: TreeCrops Ltd, Malawi; 3: PhytoTrade Africa, Malawi; 4: IFAD, Rome; 5: Department of Forestry, Malawi

Reform of State-Owned Forest Enterprises and Ethnic Land Tenure Security in Vietnam

Andrew Wells-Dang1, Quang Tu Pham1, Van Hong Ngo2

1: Oxfam, Vietnam; 2: Center for Indigenous Knowledge Research and Development, Vietnam

Informing Future Engagement For Scaling Up Sustainable Land Management In Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons From The Strategic Investment Programme

Anne Woodfine4, Domitille Vallee2, Bunning Sally2, Jean-Marc Sinnassamy3, Mohammed Bakarr3, Philippe Dardel1, Gayatri Kanungo1, Paola Agostini1, Lovei Magda1

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: FAO; 3: GEF; 4: Consultant

Date: Wednesday, 16/Mar/2016
06-07: New Approaches to Land Tenure Improvement in East Asia & the Pacific
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: David Mitchell, RMIT University, Australia

Land governance in customary tenure landscapes in southeast asia and pacific Countries: The challenge of recognition and reconciliation with national development goals

Shivakumar Srinivas1, Malcolm Childress2

1: Consultant for the World Bank and UN-FAO based in Vietnam; 2: Practice Manager, Urban and Environment of Land Alliance

Local-global partnerships for generating evidence to inform national land use policies: the case of Myanmar

William Davis

PHR and JHSPH, United States of America

Stakeholder Perceptions Of Land Administration In Vietnam: An Analysis Of Stakeholder Consultations

Mau Ngo1,2, David Mitchell1, Donald Grant1, Nicholas Chrisman1

1: RMIT University, Australia; 2: General Department of Land Administration, Vietnam

07-07: Experiences with Improving Land Policy in the Maghreb and Middle East
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Wael Zakout, World Bank, United States of America

Land Policy and Land Markets on the Agricultural Frontier in Arid Algeria

Ali Daoudi1, Jean-Philippe Colin2

1: Ecole Nationale Supérieure Agronomique (ENSA), Algiers; 2: Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), ENSA

Country Report On Cadastre And Land Registration In Iran

Hamid Berenjkar

Cadastre General Office, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Agricultural Collective Land Privitization in Morocco

Abdelkader El Ghrib

Government of Morocco, Morocco

08-08: Taking Fit for Purpose to Scale I
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Helge Onsrud, Statens kartverk, Norway

Scaling Up Pro-Poor Land Recordation: Findings And Consequences Of Four Cases.

Bob Hendriks1, Jaap Zevenbergen2, Rohan Bennett2, Solomon Mkuwmbwa3, Danilo Antonio3, Clarissa Augustinus3, Samuel Mabikke3, Harold Liversage4

1: Response International Development Consultancy, Kenya; 2: ITC, Netherlands; 3: GLTN, Kenya; 4: IFAD, Kenya

Re-Fitting the ‘Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration’

Bernardo Almeida

Van Volenhoven Institute - Leiden University, Netherlands, The

Scaling up Responsible Land Governance: A Guide for Building Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Systems in Less Developed Countries

Stig Enemark1, Robin McLaren2, Christiaan Lemmen3, Danilo Antonio4, John Gitau5

1: Aalborg University, Denmark; 2: Know Edge Ltd, UK; 3: Kadaster International, the Netherlands; 4: UN-Habitat / Global Land Tool Network; 5: UN-Habitat / Global Land Tool Network

Towards ICT Enabled Land Administration System in India: A Case Study of Haryana

Navreet Kaur, Ravneet Kaur, Anshul Bhatia

Panjab University,Chandigarh, India

Mainstreaming Open Source Tenure Software

Neil Pullar

FAO, Italy

09-08: Taking Fit for Purpose to Scale II
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Stig Enemark, Aalborg University, Denmark

Guiding Principles for Building Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Systems in Less Developed Countries: Providing Secure Tenure for All

Christiaan Lemmen1,5, Stig Enemark2, Robin McLaren3, Danilo Antonio4, John Gitau4, Paula Dijkstra1, Kees De Zeeuw1

1: Kadaster, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands; 2: Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark; 3: Know Edge Ltd, Edinburgh, United Kingdom; 4: UN-Habitat, Nairobi, Kenya; 5: ITC Faculty, Twente University, Enschede, The Netherlands

Scaling Up Sustainable Land Administration, Train Leaders Not Technicians

Stephen Calder

Adam Smith International, Ltd., United States of America

Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration: An Implementation Model for Cadastre and Land Administration Systems

Tarek Zein

Hansa Luftbild AG, Germany

A Guide for Building Fit‐For‐Purpose Land Administration Systems in Less Developed Countries: Capacity Development, Change Management and Project Delivery

Robin McLaren1, Stig Enemark2, Christiaan Lemmen3, Danilo Antonio4, John Gitau4

1: Know Edge Ltd, United Kingdom; 2: Aalborg University, Denmark; 3: Kadaster International, The Netherlands; 4: GLTN, UN-HABITAT, Kenya

10-08: Taking Fit for Purpose to Scale III
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Teo CheeHai, ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics, Malaysia

Assessment of Feasibility of Scaling up the Rapid, Low-cost, Recording of Land Rights in the OECS Countries

Charisse Griffith-Charles

The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago

Scaling up Responsible Land Governance – (Examples, Policies and Impact)

Mahashe Armstrong Chaka, Motlotlo Matela, Tseliso Makhaphela

Land Administration Authority, Lesotho

Costing and Financing of Land Administration Services – Challenges in Implementation

Kate Fairlie1, Tony Burns1, Rebecca Ochong2, Clarissa Augustinus2

1: Land Equity International, Australia; 2: UN-HABITAT Global Land Tool Network Secretariat

Tapping into the value of the real estate market to improve local government services: A case study in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica

Keith Mantel

Technical University of Munich, United States of America

Date: Thursday, 17/Mar/2016
11-08: Drawing Lessons from Land Reform Programs
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Susan Mbaya, Sue Mbaya and Associates, South Africa

Drawing Lessons from Reform Programs in the Philippines to Offer Guideposts for Future Reform Efforts

Virgilio De Los Reyes, Jane Lynn Capacio, Rolando Librojo

Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of Agrarian Reform, Philippines

Microplot priorities and limitations: Using household diaries to explore of land usage by beneficiaries of land titling programs in West Bengal and Odisha

Niketa Kulkarni, Karina Kloos, Elizabeth Louis, Diana Fletschner, Shih-Ting Huang

Landesa, United States of America

The Impact of Illegal Fencing on Tenure Security in the Ohangwena Region, Namibia

Jennilee Magdalena Kohima, Prisca Mandimika, Mukendwa Mumbone

Ministry of Land Reform, Namibia

12-08: Labor Market Effects of Large Scale Land-Based Investment
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Andrew Dabalen, World Bank, United States of America

Employment Effects of Large-Scale Agricultural Investment – Conceptual Considerations and Estimated Labour Market Effects

Martin Ostermeier1,2, Kerstin Nolte1

1: GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies; 2: University of Goettingen

Female Labour Participation and Large-Scale Land Investments in Tanzania:

Ciliaka Gitau1, Evans S. Osabuhien2, Raoul Herrmann3, Uchenna Efobi2

1: University of Nairobi, Kenya; 2: Covenant University, Nigeria; 3: German Develiopment Institute, Germany

China’s Forest Tenure Reform And Institutional Change At A Crossroads

Runsheng Yin

Michigan State University, United States of America

13-08: ECA Land Agenda: Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Heading?
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Jorge Munoz, World Bank, United States of America

How to Build a State of the Art Digital Cadastre?

Goce Gruevski

Agency for real estate cadastre, Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of

How Lithuania Came to Be a Leader in Mass Valuation Systems in the World?

Arvydas Bagdonavičius

State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania

NSDI: The Road Forward in ECA

Božena Lipej

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy

Addressing Land Governance Issues across ECA

David Egiashvili

Terra DeNovo

State Land Management Challenges in ECA

Richard Grover

Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom

Public Display Lessons from Romania

Victor Grigorescu

ANCPI, Romania

Land and Gender: How to Increase Women’s Property Ownership?

Murat Meha

Kosovo Cadastre Agency, Kosovo

14-08: Post-Disaster Preparedness and Land Governance
Location: MC 4-100
Chair: Josef Lloyd Leitmann, World Bank, United States of America

Long-Term Disaster Recovery Planning in Urban Centers: The Role of Land Tenure and Housing in Reducing Vulnerability

Christopher Andrews1, Cynthia Caron1,2

1: The Cloudburst Group, United States of America; 2: Clark University, United States of America

Scaling up urban DRR in Cambodia

Piotr Sasin, Tep Sokha

People in Need, Cambodia

Urbanisation in Asia and the Pacific: Challenges for Responsible Land Administration and Land Management

David Mitchell1, Donovan Storey2, Danilo Antonio3, CheeHai Teo4, Lowie Rosales_Kawasaki3

1: RMIT University, Australia; 2: ESCAP, Thailand.; 3: UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network, Kenya; 4: ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics, Malaysia

Date: Friday, 18/Mar/2016
MasterClass 01-08: IAAO: Sound Industry Practices to Mitigate Financial Risk
Location: MC 4-100

Mitigation Of Financial Risk By Using Sound Industry Practices and Expertise

Ronald Worth1, Larry Clark1, Pasqualino {Charley} Colatruglio1, Richard Almy2, Alan Bronte3

1: International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America; 2: Almy, Gloudemans, Jacobs, & Denne; 3: Land & Property Services, Northern Ireland

MasterClass 02-04: GLTN: The Continuum of Land Rights Approach to Tenure Security
Location: MC 4-100

The Continuum of Land Rights Approach to Tenure Security

Jean Du Plessis

Land and GLTN Unit, UN-Habitat, United Nations, Kenya

MasterClass 03-05: GLTN: Guiding Framework for Tenure-Responsive Land Use Planning
Location: MC 4-100

International Guidelines on Urban and Territorial Planning: A Guiding Framework for Tenure-Responsive Land Use Planning

Remy Sietchiping1, Manka Bajaj1, Samuel Mabikke1, Uchendu Eugene Chigbu2

1: UN-Habitat, Kenya; 2: Technical University of Munich, Germany

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