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Date: Tuesday, 15/Mar/2016
01-02: Roundtable on Policy Processes in India
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Maninder Gill, World Bank, United States of America

Land Leasing as a Way to Improve Land Use and Support the Poor? The Essential Role of Good Land Records

Tajamul Haque

Council for Social Development and LANDESA, New Delhi, India

Approaches for Monitoring Land Policies in Bihar

Babu Mishra

CIMP, India

Building on LGAF and Doing Business for Developing a Land Governance Monitoring System-

Klaus Deininger

World Bank, United States of America

02-02: Implementing African Union Declarations on Land
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Janet Edeme, African Union Commission, Ethiopia

Overview of African Union Policy on Land in Support of African Sustainable Development Agenda, in the context of Agenda 2063

Janet Edeme

African Union Commission, Ethiopia

Status of the First Phase of the Implementation of the LPI Strategic Plan and Way Forward

Stephen Karingi

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Ethiopia

Perspective of Regional Economic Communities in Enhancing Accountability in Land Governance by Member States

Tigistu Gebremeskel

Ministry of Agriculture, Ethiopia, Ethiopia

Land Policy Development Process, Challenges and Way Forward

Mariamu Ali El-Maawy

Ministry of land, Housing and Urban Development, Kenya, Kenya

Perspectives from African Universities in the Implementation of AU Declaration on Land : Experience from Bahir Dar University

Achamyeleh Gashu Adam

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

03-02: Spatial Development of African Cities
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Roland White, World Bank, United States of America

Spatial Development of African Cities

Somik V. Lall

World Bank, United States of America

Discussion contribution

Robert Lewis-Lettington, Oumar Sylla


Discussion contribution

Issa Faye

African Development Bank, Tunisia

Discussion contribution

Steve Kayizzi-Mugerwa

Zziyika and Associates and Institute for African Development, Cornell University, United States of America

04-02: Capacity and Connectivity: A New Approach for Strengthening Land Governance Initiatives in the Arab World
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Wael Zakout, World Bank, United States of America

Session with French translation


Capacity and Connectivity: A New Approach for Strengthening Land Governance Initiatives in the Arab Region

Willi Zimmermann

Consultant, Germany

Land Policy in Morocco

Mohamed Hammoumi

Government of Morocco, Morocco

Land Policy in Tunisia

Mohamed Salah Arfaoui

Ministry of Equipment, Housing and Spatial Planning, Tunisia


Georges Maarrawi

Ministry of Finance, Lebanon (Lebanese Republic)

05-02: Roundtable on the Status of Land Policy in Africa
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Phillip Jeremy Hay, World Bank, United States of America

Session with French translation


Strengthening Land Governance in Africa at all Levels: The Contribution of the AU

Janet Edeme

African Union Commission, Ethiopia

Integrating Land Policy into Countries' Strategies and Investment Plans: NEPAD Role and Partnership Opportunities

Hamady Diop

NEPAD, South Africa

Improving Land Data and Systems as the Basis for Good Land Governance: Lessons from Uganda

Daudi Migereko

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda

Sierra Leone's Land Policy Development: Accomplishments and Next Steps

Nancy Kadiatu Sia Tengbeh

Ministry of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment, Sierra Leone

Strengthening Government's Analytical and Operational Capacity to Address Land Issues: Tanzania's Experience

Moses Kusiluka Mpogole

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlement Development, Tanzania

Date: Wednesday, 16/Mar/2016
08-02: Preconditions for Effective Housing Provision
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Robert Buckley, New York University Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Can land value uplift deliver affordable housing? Experiences from the UK

Pete Wyatt

University of Reading, United Kingdom

The Tragedy of Exclusion

Katharina Pistor

Columbia Law School, United States of America

From Reactive Regularization of Informal settlements to Provision of Formal Urban Land: A New Approach to Address the Poor’s Demand for Land

Martha Ferreyros1, Enrique Pantoja2

1: Organismo de Formalización de la Propiedad Informal (COFOPRI), Peru; 2: The World Bank

Inkaq Samanan Project : State Social Housing and Private Commitment

Gerardo Freiberg, Rodolfo Santa Maria, Ricardo Sablich


09-02: Lessons Emerging from Large farm Surveys
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Hamady Diop, NEPAD, South Africa

Quantifying Spillover Effects from Large Farm Establishment: The Case of Mozambique

Klaus Deininger1, Fang Xia2, Aurelio Mate3, Ellen Payongayong4

1: World Bank, United States of America; 2: Central University of Finance and Economics, China; 3: Ministry of Agriculture, Mozambique; 4: Michigan State University, United States of America

Establishing an Inventory of Large Farms: Lessons From A Pilot Exercise in Tanzania

Swagile Msananga1, Anthony Francis Mveyange2, Anthony Harris2

1: Ministry of Lands, Tanzania; 2: World Bank, United States of America

Jobs, Gender and Welfare Impact of Flower Farms in Ethiopia

Tigabu Degu Getahun

Ethiopian Development Research Institute and Center for Development Research (ZEF), Ethiopia

Spillover Effects of Large-Scale Commercial Farms in Ethiopia

Anthony Harris, Klaus Deininger, Daniel Ayalew Ali

World Bank, United States of America

10-02: Securing Land Rights for Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Sabine Pallas, International Land Coalition, Italy

A Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

Luca Miggiano‎

Oxfam, Netherlands, The

The Challenge Ahead: Lessons from Formalisation Policies for Collective Land Rights

Mathieu Boche

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France

Methodological Perspective on Measurement/Global Baseline Developed by RRI

Ilona Margaret Emody Coyle

Rights and Resources Initiative, United States of America

Collective Tenure of the Commons and the Role of Local Communities in Managing Natural Resources (and Restoring Degraded Lands)

Jagdeesh Rao Puppala

Foundation for Ecological Security, India

A Government Perspective on Community Lands

Jason Kami

National Land Use Planning Commission, Tanzania

Date: Thursday, 17/Mar/2016
11-02: Scope for Improving Land Governance through the Value Chain
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Judy Beals, Oxfam, United States of America

Assisting Communities and Companies in Building Sustainable Value Chains

Christopher Jochnick, Tim Hanstad, David Bledsoe

Landesa, United States of America

Lessons for Agribusiness from FPIC in the Mining Sector

J. Chris Anderson

Yirri Global, -

Including Land Governance in the Business Plan

Kathryn Elizabeth Mathias

Illovo Sugar Ltd, United Kingdom

Introductory Remarks

Duncan Pollard

Nestle, Switzerland

Reducing Land Rights Violations accross Global Supply Chains

Julian Oram

Global Witness, United Kingdom

12-02: Preventing Real Estate Fraud and Hacking in Land Registries
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Josephus van Erp, Maastricht University, Netherlands, The

The Possibility To Hack or Commit Fraud In Cross Border Conveyancing

Jacob Vos

Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster), Netherlands, The

Safe Automation of Land Registries and the Three Proof Requirements

Rod Thomas

AUT University, New Zealand

Role of Notaries and Estate Agents to Prevent Fraud in Land (Registration) Transactions

Frederic Varin, Pauline Malaplate

High Council of Notary (CSN), France

Fraud and Land Title Registration Systems in International Comparative Perspective

Murray Raff

University of Canberra, Australia

Fraud Prevention and the Role of the Registrar

Nicolás Nogueroles, Theofilo Hurtado

IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

13-02: Shifting towards Sustainable Production systems for Beef and Oil Palm
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Pablo Pacheco, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia

Session with Portuguese  translation


Public and Private Actions for Value Chains Governance and Territorial Development

Pablo Pacheco

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia

Policy Action for Tenure Regularization and related Policies in the Brazilian Amazon

Eduardo Aguilar de Oliveira

Ministry of Agrarian Development, Brazil

Main Achievements and Challenges faced by Public and Private Actors towards Sustainability

Paulo Barreto

Imazon, Brazil

Perspectives from the Cattle Industry in Support of Sustainable Beef Value Chains

Fernando Sampaio

Brazilian Beef Exporters Association (ABIEC), Brazil

Approaches for Sustainable Production and Landscape Management in the Brazilian Amazon: experience from south-east Pará

Ian Thompson

The Nature Conservancy, Brazil

Lessons for Developing Independent Smallholders to Support Sustainable Oil Palm in Indonesia

Triyanto Fitriyardi

International Finance Corporation, Indonesia

14-02: New Approaches to Land Tenure Improvement in Latin America
Location: MC 13-121
Chair: Mike Mora, Organization of American States, United States of America

Session in Spanish with Portuguese  translation


Experiencias en titulación de tierras mediante el uso de Tecnologias Modernas .

Ruddy Arturo Rezza Sulca


Improving Land Administration in Brazil - from Rural to National Cadastre

Thiago Marra1,2, Kilder Barbosa1,2, Oscar Oliveira1,2, Eduardo Aguilar de Oliveira2

1: National Institute of Land Reform and Colonizaton - INCRA, Brazil; 2: Ministry of Agrarian Development - MDA, Brazil

Ethnic land restitution in Colombia: a contribution for peace in rural areas

Claudia Mejia, Luis Azcarate

Afro-Colombia and Indigenous Program (ACIP), ACDIVOCA - Colombia

Costs of fragile property rights in Brazilian forestall sector: diagnosis and some propositions based on concrete experiences

Bastiaan Philip Reydon1, Caroline Graça2, Andreia Marques Postal1, Ana Paula S. Bueno1, Glaciele Leardine1

1: UNICAMP, Brazil; 2: PENSA, USP, Brazil

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