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Date: Tuesday, 15/Mar/2016
01-06: How to Enhance Women’s Awareness of Their Legal Rights?
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Vinodh Jaichand, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Do Tribals Women Have Land Rights? A Study of Land Rights of Tribal Women of Madhya Pradesh, India

Ashok Kumar Sircar, Sohini Paul

Azim Premji University, India

Strengthening Arab women’s Property Rights and Access to Land

Doaa El Sherif1, Fatmaa Abdel Khader2, Siraj Sait3, Ombretta Tempra4, Dina Naguib1

1: Urban Training Institute, Egypt; 2: Dept of Cadastral Survey and Mapping, Govt of Egypt; 3: University of East London; 4: UN-Habitat

02-06: Potential of Interventions to Enhance Women’s Rights
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Victoria Stanley, World Bank, United States of America

The Gendered Implications of Land Tenure Reform in Morocco

Stacy Wheeler1, David Balgley2

1: Fulbright, Morocco; 2: University of Puget Sound

Mind the Policy Vs Practice Gap: Securing women’s land rights in the formalization process of customary land tenure.

Frances Birungi

Uganda Community Based Association for Women and Children's welfare ( UCOBAC), Uganda

The Role of Land Certification in Securing Women’s Land Rights in Benishangul Gumuz Region, Ethiopia: Does Legal Pluralism serve their Benefits?

David Harris1, Negasa Deressa2, Bernd Eversmann2

1: Orgut Sweden; 2: Niras Finland

SDE-01: Caucus on Women and Land
Location: MC C1-100
03-06: Policy Examples for Implementing Women’s Rights
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Tim Hanstad, Landesa, United States of America

Improving Women's Land Rights and Access to Credit in a Patriarchy: Evidence from North-East Ghana

John Tiah Bugri, Eric Yeboah

KNUST, Ghana

Social and Gender Mainstreaming in Cabo Verde

Carlos Varela, Claudia Rodrigues

Millennium Challenge Account - Cabo Verde II, Cape Verde

Gender and Kyrgyz Community Pasture Management: A case study

Elisa Scalise, Asyl Undeland

Resource Equity, United States of America

04-06: Contribution of Land Rights to Female Empowerment
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Sandra Joireman, University of Richmond, United States of America

Access to Land and Youth Employment Decisions: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Ethiopia

Hosaena Hagos, Brian Holtemeyer, Katrina Kosec, Valerie Mueller, Emily Schmidt

International Food Policy Research Institute, United States of America

Land Rights from a Gender Perspective

Sithy Riyasa Mohamed Naufel, Mahanama {Ph.D} I.H.K

Ministry of Land, Sri Lanka

Forest governance and dynamics of gender in customary institutions: synergies between community forest management and REDD+ in the DRC

Kristina Van Dexter1,2,3, Jolly Sassa-Kuika1, Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers2,3

1: World Wildlife Fund, United States of America; 2: George Mason University; 3: Wageningen University

05-06: Challenges of Implementing Gender-Friendly Inheritance Regulations
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Sarah Iqbal, World Bank, United States of America

The Nature Of Property Rights In Haiti: Mode Of Land Acquisition, Gender, And Investment

B. James Deaton, Liam Kelley, J. Atsu Amegashie

University of Guelph, Canada

Equal inheritance as intended by HSAA and the realities of its implementation: exploring the tradeoff between inheritance and dowry

Udita Chatterjee

Landesa, India

“Improving Land Rights For Women In Rwanda: Blind Trust In The Magic Of Formal Marriage?”

Katrijn Vanhees

Human Rights Centre (Ghent University), Belgium

Date: Wednesday, 16/Mar/2016
06-05: Communal Rights and Gender
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Jennifer Duncan, Landesa, United States of America

Tribal Women’s Land Rights In India, A Review Of Customary Practices From The Lens Of Gender

Devika Bahadur

World Bank, India

Women rights within collective tenure regimes: Analyzing outcomes of forest tenure reforms

Iliana M. Monterroso, Mani Banjade, Baru Mshale, Anne Larson, Esther Mwangi, Peter Cronkleton


A Grassroots Strategy to end the Rural Exodus in Paraguay: The CapiiBary Cooperative

Marcela Vasquez-Leon

University of Arizona, United States of America

Applying Peoples’ Processes in Customary Land Certification – Experiences from Zambia

Qhobela Cyprian Selebalo1, Regina Pritchett2, Danilo Antonio1, Samuel Mabikke1, Veronica   Katulushi3

1: UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network; 2: Huairou Commission; 3: Peoples Processes on Housing and Poverty in Zambia

07-05: How to Ensure Women’s Rights in Land Interventions?
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Elizabeth Blake, Habitat for Humanity International (retired), United States of America

Access vs. Rights: An Empirical Investigation of Land Ownership, Access to Common Land, and Women’s Empowerment in Maasai Villages in Northern Tanzania

Mara Goldman, Alicia Davis, Jani Little

University of Colorado-Boulder, United States of America

Gender considerations in implementing the Forest Rights Act in Jharkhand, India

Amanda Richardson

Resource Equity

Balancing Legal Formalism with the Potential Risk of Gender Bias: Challenges in Cabo Verde’s Property Rights Cadaster Project

Ian M. Rose1, Clara Barros2

1: DAI, United States of America; 2: DAI-PRIME Consulting-VA Consortium

The veiled side of land certification at the communal level in Burundi: a new regard at women land rights.

Camille Munezero, René Claude Niyonkuru

Association pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme (APDH), Burundi

SDE-02: Caucus on Women and Land
Location: MC C1-100
08-06: Collective Action for Strengthening Women's Rights to Land
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Jan Peterson, Huairou Commission, United States of America

Women Collective Action for Land Tenure Struggles – Experience from Tanzania

Naomi Shadrack Mwaiponya

OXFAM, Tanzania

Land rights from a gender perspective; A Study of AP and Telangana, India

Prabhakar Reddy Tada

UN Women, MCO, India, New Delhi

Land reform governance and the Filipino peasant women: Policy changes, impacts and chalenges

Cynthia Bejeno

Intrnational Institute of social Studies, Netherlands, The

Grassroots Women and Eviction: Mapping Strategies from Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand

Pamela Ransom1,2, Bagasao Fides2,3

1: Metropolitan College of New York, United States of America; 2: Huairou Commission; 3: Organizers of Community Based Organizations in Asia

Community Led Public Land Mapping Model

Fridah Githuku, Esther Mwaura

GROOTS Kenya, Kenya

09-06: Gender in Large-Scale Land Acquisition
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Bimbika Basnett, Center for International Forestry Research, Indonesia

The Domestic Face of Land Appropriation: Global Trends in Dispossession

Elizabeth Donger, Rachael Knight

Namati, United States of America

Promoting Gender Equity in Agricultural Investment: Lessons and Opportunities from Voluntary Standards Initiatives

Carin Smaller, Kathleen Sexsmith, Jason Potts, Gabriel A. Huppé

IISD, Switzerland

Challenges and prospects for a gender inclusive process of large scale land acquisitions for agro-investment in sub Saharan Africa

Lotsmart Fonjong

University of Buea, Cameroon

Economies of Dispossession: Women in Honduras and Guatemala in the Global Scramble for Land

Aisling Emer Walsh

Trocaire, Guatemala

Peasant Women’s Radical Approaches of Resistance to Large Scale Land Acquisition in Uganda

Juliet Kanyesigye

Centre for Basic Research, Uganda

10-06: Registry Role & Institutional Framework for Securing Property Rights
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Enrique Pantoja, World Bank, United States of America

A Quadrant Approach to Land Tenure Rights: What about Non-legitimate but Legal Rights?

Jacob Zevenbergen

University of Twente, Netherlands, The

Immutability & Auditability: The Critical Elements in Property Rights Registries

Matthew Regan, Abhi Dobhal

Epigraph, United States of America

Land Registration and Cadastre, one or two agencies?

Hendrikus Johannes {Rik} Wouters1, Peter Laarakker1, Walter de Vries2

1: Dutch Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster), Netherlands, The; 2: Technical University Munchen

Land Data, new technologies, limits and how to produce them. The institutional frame work

Nicolás Nogueroles

IPRA-CINDER (International Property Registries Association), Spain

Date: Thursday, 17/Mar/2016
11-06: Lessons Learned from Readjustment Programs
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Shigehiko Sugita, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Japan

Scaling Up Land Readjustment for Urban and Industrial Development through the Town Planning Scheme in Dholera, Gujarat, India

Divya Prakash Vyas1, Jagdish Salgaonkar2, Kaushik Panchal1, Rejeet Mathews3

1: AECOM India Pvt. Ltd., India; 2: AECOM Asia Company Ltd.; 3: World Resources Institute, India

Redevelopment Models of Collective-Owned Land in Beijing and Shenzhen under China’s Dual Land System

Meicheng Wang1, Vidhee Garg2, David Smith2, Ran Tao3

1: Cornell University, United States of America; 2: Affordable Housing Institute, United States of America; 3: Renmin University of China, People's Republic of China

Community Empowerment for Successful Land Consolidation-Case Study: Banda Aceh and Denpasar, Indonesia

Haryo Winarso1, Indira Dharmapatni2, Mansha Chen2

1: Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia; 2: World Bank

Introducing Land Readjustment as an Alternative Land Development Tool For Peri-Urban Areas of Ethiopia

Achamyeleh Gashu Adam

Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia

Participatory And Inclusive Land Readjustment: A Pro-Poor Land Management Strategy For City Redevelopment. The Case Of Medellin, Colombia.

Maria Buhigas San Jose1, Robert Lewis-Lettington2, Rebecca Ochong2

1: Urban Facts, Spain; 2: UN-Habitat

12-06: Research on Determinants of Natural Resource Use and Tenure Security
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Forhad Shilpi, World Bank, United States of America

Multiple Use Protected Areas Can Reduce Poverty And Deforestation

Alexander Pfaff1, Maria Carnovale1, Cesar Delgado1, Charles Palmer2, Luz Rodriguez1, Stephan Schwartzman3

1: Duke University, United States of America; 2: London School of Economics, United Kingdom; 3: Environmental Defense Fund

Large Scale Agricultural Investments and Rural Development in Tanzania: Lessons Learned, Steering Requirements and Policy Responses

Michael Bruentrup, Thomas Absmayr, Jonas Dylla, Franziska Eckhard, Kerstin Remke, Konrad Sternisko

German Development Institute (DIE), Germany

Tenure Security And Household Welfare Evidence From Ethiopia

Hailemariam Ayalew Tiruneh

Copenhagen University, Ethiopia

Land Tenure Systems, Food Security and Poverty

Harriet Kasidi Mugera

World Bank, United States of America

SDE-03: Caucus on Women and Land
Location: MC C1-100
13-06: Achieving Sustainability of Regularization Programs I
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Chrysi Potsiou, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Implementing The Land Investment For Transformation (LIFT) Programme In Ethiopia

John Leckie1, Menberu Allebachew Fantaye2, Gizachew Abegaz2, Owen Edwards1

1: DAI, United Kingdom; 2: LIFT Programme, Ethiopia

Beyond Land Tenure Regularisation: Achieving Sustainability

Richard Baldwin, Clive English, Gavin Adlington

DAI, United Kingdom

The Challenge of Sustaining Project-Driven Results in Decentralized Land Tenure Management in the Senegal River Valley

Kent Michael Elbow1, Alain Diouf2

1: 1. Millennium Challenge Corporation, United States of America; 2: 2. Millennium Challenge Account, Senegal

Systematic Cadastre Surveying and Inventory of all Real Estate Objects in Azerbaijan within a KfW Financed Project

Gernod Schindler1, Erik Schuetz2

1: GCI-Geo Consult International, Germany; 2: Trimple Germany

Staying the Course: A 10-year Study of Impacts of Development and Implementation of a GPS-based Simplified Land Registration System on Farmers in Tajikistan

Eric Abbott1, Nandita Jain2

1: Iowa State University, United States of America; 2: World Bank, United States of America

14-06: Achieving Sustainability of Regularization Programs II
Location: MC C1-100
Chair: Sarah Kulata Basangwa, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda

Land Tenure Regularization in Mozambique - a fit for purpose approach

Marisa Balas1, Teresinha Pascoal2, Jacinto Tualufo2, Joao Carrilho3, Daniel Queface2, Andre Pinheiro4, Rossana Carimo1, Jose Murta1

1: EXI LDA, Mozambique; 2: Ministry of Land Environment and Rural Development; 3: MB Consulting Lda; 4: Verde Azul Lda

A New and Promising Agency for Immovable Property Registration in Tajikistan

Suha Satana1, Azizmamad Karimov Dushanbiyevich2, Akram Kaharov Nabiyevich3

1: Independent Consultant, Turkey; 2: Deputy Director, State Committee for Land Administration and Geodesy, Tajikistan; 3: Deputy Director, SUERIP, Tajikistan

Enhancing tenure security through rural parcel right demarcation: experience from the Ghana Land Administration Project.

Sarah Antwi-Boasiako

Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Ghana

Fixing the Legal Framework to be successful in Land Management/Administration Projects

Alexander Kohli, Jürg Kaufmann

SWISS LAND MANAGEMENT Foundation, Switzerland

Date: Friday, 18/Mar/2016
MasterClass 01-04: World Bank: Inclusive Cities Learning Session
Location: MC C1-100

Urban Land: Issues and Approaches

Lina Abdallah, Noriko Oe, Abebaw Alemayehu, Anna O’Donnell, Enrique Pantoja, Hoa Thi Mong Pham, Linh Le, Fernando Armendaris, Phoram Shah

The World Bank, United States of America

MasterClass 02-03: WRI: Indigenous and Community Lands Global LandMark Platform
Location: MC C1-100

Introduction to LandMark: The Global Platform of Indigenous and Community Lands

Katie Reytar1, Peter Veit1, Liz Alden Wily2, Richard Smith3

1: World Resources Institute, United States of America; 2: Liz Alden Wily, Independent Land Tenure Specialist; 3: Instituto del Bien Comun

MasterClass 03-03: CANCELLED University of Louvain: Corruption in Large-Scale Land Deals
Location: MC C1-100

This MasterClass has been cancelled

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