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Date: Tuesday, 15/Mar/2016
01-10: Improving the Availability of Large Farm Data from Various Sources
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: David Bledsoe, Landesa, United States of America



Transparency and Ownership Structure in Agriholdings: Evidence from Ukraine

Taras Gagalyuk, Alfons Balmann

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies, Germany

Transformation in Farm Size and Farmland Distribution: What do we Know and What are We Missing by Reliance on Household Survey Data?

Sarah Lowder, Raffaele Bertini, Panagiotis Karfakis

FAO, Italy

Transparency and Reliability of Tenure Information for Improved Land Governance: Assessing Agribusiness Dynamics in Senegal Using Multi-Source Geodata

Jeremy Bourgoin1, Elodie Valette2, Simon Guillouet1

1: CIRAD/ISRA Senegal; 2: CIRAD/IFPRI Washington

02-10: Research on Changing Land Tenure Systems and Effect on Economies
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Alfons Balmann, IAMO, Germany

Liberal land reforms in transition: The development of Kazakhstan’s land and credit markets

Vasyl Kvartiuk, Martin Petrick

Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies (IAMO), Germany

Land tenure and technical efficiency of rice farms in Thailand

Kolawole Ogundari1, Titus Awokuse2

1: University of Delaware, United States of America; 2: Michigan State University, United States of America

Do Land Market Restrictions Hinder Structural Change in a Rural Economy? Evidence from Sri Lanka

Forhad Shilpi, M. Shahe Emran

World Bank, United States of America

Understanding grassland rental Markets and their determinants-a case of typical pastoral areas in Inner Mongolia, P.R. China

Shuhao Tan

Renmin University of China, China, People's Republic of

03-10: Models of Large Scale Investment I
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Elisabeth B. Zoomers, Utrecht University, Netherlands, The

Community Benefit in Large Scale Land Investments: Where is the Optimal Policy Balance?

Robert Kibugi1, Mwenda Makathimo2, Mwathane Ibrahim3

1: University of Nairobi, Kenya; 2: Land Development and Governance Institute, Kenya; 3: Land Development and Governance Institute, Kenya

A Bottom-up Participatory Simulation Process To Devise Land Rules and Policies

D'aquino Patrick. Christian1, Bah Alpha2, Richebourg Camille1,3, Bourgoin Jérély1

1: CIRAD, Montpellier, France; 2: Gaston Berger University, Saint Louis, Senegal; 3: Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France

Towards inclusive and sustainable intensification of agriculture in Senegal River Valley

Adamczewski Amandine1, Bourgoin Jeremy2, Mbaye Diop Ndeye Coura3, Alpha Ba4, Djibril Diop5, Jamin Jean-Yves6

1: CIRAD, UGB, Saint-Louis; 2: CIRAD, ISRA BAM, Dakar; 3: PDIDAS, Saint-louis; 4: UGB, Saint-louis; 5: UGB, Saint-louis; 6: CIRAD, France

”Land grabs” and contract farming: A win-win situation?

Kerstin Nolte, Gobien Simone

GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies, Germany

Date: Wednesday, 16/Mar/2016
06-09: The Legal Basis for Expropriation
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Reidar Kvam, World Bank, United States of America

Implementing International Standards on Expropriation

Nicholas Tagliarino1, Leon Verstappen2

1: World Resources Institute, United States of America; 2: University of Groningen, Netherlands

The Implementation of Rwanda's Expropriation Law and Its Outcomes on the Population

Hadley Rose2, Andrews Kananga1, Frank Mugisha1, Daniel Clay3

1: Legal Aid Forum, United States of America; 2: Emerge International, LLC; 3: Michigan State University

The Public Purpose Requirement in Expropriation Law: A (Potentially) Rich Source of Safeguards against Arbitrary Expropriation

Björn Hoops

University of Groningen, Netherlands, The

Unjust Compensation to Landowners in Mining Deals - The Case of Sierra Rutile Mining Company in Sierra Leone

Peter Kaindaneh, Francis Sobba-Stephens

The Economic Forum, Sierra Leone

07-09: Strengthening Land Administration Processes
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Julian Quan, University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

Strengthening of the Uganda Land Administration and Management System: Development and Implementation of the Land Information System Infrastructure

Richard Oput1, Nadege Orlova2

1: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Uganda; 2: IGN France International

Efficient and fast production of cadastral maps in Ethiopia

Thomas Dubois, Zerfu Hailu

REILA, Ethiopia

Innovations In Land Information Recording, Management And Utilization In Sri Lanka

Piumi Nisansala Attygalle Attygallege Dona, I.H.K Mahanama

Ministry of Land, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka

Towards Sustainable Land Administration In Bosnia And Herzegovina With Improved Customer Service Delivery

Zeljko Obradovic1, Miloš Komljenović2, Božena Lipej3

1: Federal Administration for Geodetic and Real Property Affairs, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2: Geodetic Authority of the Republic Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 3: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy

The Importance And Use Of A Monitoring System In Delivering Land Registration Programmes

Owen Edwards

DAI, United Kingdom

08-10: The Challenges of Implementing Forest Protection Commitments
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Werner Kornexl, World Bank, United States of America

See the Trees for the Forest --Looking into bundles of resource rights and gross forest change in the developing world

Wenman Liu1,2, Valerie Thomas1

1: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA; 2: Stockholm Environment Institute Asia Center, Bangkok, Thailand

Does secure community forest tenure affect forest condition? New pre-treatment evidence from a quasi-experimental evaluation of a REDD+ Project in Zambia

M. Mercedes Stickler1, Heather Huntington2, Aleta Haflett2, Silvia Petrova1, Ioana Bouvier1

1: USAID, United States of America; 2: The Cloudburst Group, United States of America

The Land Tenure Policy Dialogue in the Amazon – Harmonizing Legal Frameworks, Procedures and Information Systems for Public Land Governance

Anselm Duchrow1, Sergio Lopes2, Mauro Pires2, Valmir Ortega3

1: GIZ, Brazil; 2: MDA, Ministry for Agricultural Development, Brazil; 3: GEoplus, Ltda.

Date: Thursday, 17/Mar/2016
11-10: Building Capacity for Urban Land Management
Location: MC 6-100
Chair: Jorge Espinoza, GIZ, Germany

Handling Land in the New Urban Agenda

Lowie Rosales1, Oumar Sylla1, Jane Katz2, Teo Chee-hai3

1: UN-Habitat, Kenya; 2: Habitat for Humanity, USA; 3: International Federation of Surveyors, Malaysia

Scaling Up Compact City Development Strategies. A Solution To Cope With Urban Sprawl In Developing Countries?

Walter Timo de Vries1, Sana Anabtawi1, Fahria Masum1, Jorge Espinoza2, Christian Graefen2

1: Technical University Munich, Germany; 2: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

The Continuum Of Land Rights Approach To Tenure Security: Consolidating Advances In Theory And Practice

Jean Du Plessis1, Clarissa Augustinus2, Michael Barry3, Christiaan Lemmen4, Lauren Royston5

1: Urban Legislation, Land and Governance Branch, UN-Habitat, United Nations, Kenya; 2: Independent Consultant; 3: University of Calgary; 4: Netherlands Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency; 5: Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa

Strengthening Analytical Capacity for Managing Urban Land in Africa

Wilbard Jackson Kombe

Ardhi University, Tanzania

Date: Friday, 18/Mar/2016
MasterClass 01-09: Columbia University: Online Tool for Land Contract Transparency
Location: MC 6-100

Using to Understand Land Contracts and Catalyze Land Contract Transparency

Sam Szoke-Burke, Jesse Coleman

Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

MasterClass 02-06: FAO: Toolkit for M&E in Land Investment Programs
Location: MC 6-100

New website will support Land Administration Programs in Latin America

Fabrice Edouard1, Enrique Pantoja2

1: FAO, Italy; 2: World Bank, Washington DC

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