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Session Overview
06-03: Roundtable on Land Valuation Experiences
Wednesday, 16/Mar/2016:
8:30am - 10:00am

Session Chair: James Kavanagh, RICS, United Kingdom
Location: MC 4-800

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Top 5 Recommendations for Jump-starting Valuation

Doug Bennett

Thomson Reuters, -

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Realities of Valuation in an Informal Context

Danilo Antonio, Qhobela Cyprian Selebalo

UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network

The presentation looks at the challenges of valuation in an informal context while at the same time asserting that innovative and prudent approaches for valuation in an informal context have to be developed and shared with relevant stakeholders. The informal context in this case is not restricted to informal settlements which are prevalent in most developing countries’ urban landscape; but it includes all other lands and properties where land rights are not formally registered. This accounts for a large proportion of global community, considering that about seventy percent (70%) of land ownership units in developing countries are not formally registered and these land units and related properties present challenges to valuation. Initiatives to integrate informal markets, including land and housing markets, within the sphere of the formal market economy, have predominantly focussed on large-scale land ownership registration and systematic titling programs, where the progress is slow.


Institutionalizing the Valuation Profession

Ronald Worth, Larry Clark

International Association of Assessing Officers, United States of America

Founded in 1934, the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) has evolved into a primary source for governments worldwide in research and education in property appraisal, assessment administration, and property tax policy.

IAAO has promulgated technical standards that reflect best practices in the mass appraisal profession. The IAAO Guidance on International Mass Appraisal and Related Tax Policy introduced in 2014 reflects this organization’s commitment to the global community.

IAAO has developed and implemented a program of professional education courses that support a series of professional designations that challenge the membership to higher levels of professionalism. The objectives of the professional designation program are to raise the standards of the profession, secure recognition of that profession by the public; and to gain recognition for designees as qualified, objective, unbiased appraisers and administrators of the ad-valorem tax systems.

Maintaining a high level of public trust in assessment practice is imperative for the assessment profession and is reflected in the IAAO Code of Ethics is the foundation for shared values. Those values are also expressed in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) which IAAO helped to promulgate as a founding member of the Appraisal foundation.


Larry Clark

International Association of Assessng Officers, United States of America


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